Gimme Mo - Intergroove
July 25, 2005

Track list
  1. Unterwegs
  2. Hüftrock
  3. Mach's Laut
  4. Schöner Tag
  5. Tanz Mit Mir
  6. Bleib Dir Selbst Treu
  7. Ihr Wollt Nicht Lernen
  8. Kein Problem
  9. Schleicher
  10. Sag Es Mir
  11. Ein Rebell
  12. Ich Träume
  13. Brett Vorm Kopf
  14. Geld
  15. Leben Ohne Dich
  16. Du Und Ich
  17. Schritt Für Schritt
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
After his surprise hit "Ganja Smoka", which not only made his to debut album on DHF/Peperone "So Gesehen" 3 1/2 years after it was recorded, but with which he was also present on DHF Records' "Dancehallfieber 01", "Dancehallfieber 02" contained "Null", which was also on his "So Gesehen" and "Dancehallfieber 03" "Das Dickste (Bushment)" over Rootdown Records' 'Racer'-riddim produced by their in-house producer Thilo 'Teka' Jacks, before contributing a new tune (not included on "So Gesehen" nor "Unterwegs") on Dancehallfieber 04" "Dancehall Shit". And now Benjie is back with his self-produced sophomore album "Unterwegs" for Gimme Mo' Records. Title-track "Unterwegs" is a very nice track with his usual fine standard lyrically maintained on this album about being on the road, but traveling as fast as possible to be with his girl, over a slow hip hop reggae beat. "Hüftrock" is an entertaining funny party-tune over a hip hop influenced minimalistic dancehall beat with his characteristic flow and voice that is sometimes so deep that is reminds you of D-Flame. "Mach's Laut" is a great tune about the necessity to play the music loud (to which the videoclip, like that of "Hüftrock" can be found at the Gimme Mo' website). The first single "Schöner Tag" is a great upful tune featuring a choir of schoolchildren, followed bei "Tanz Mit Mir" with its schwing Deine hübschen Beine / drück Deine Wange an meine, but "Bleib Dir Selbst Treu" about staying true to yourself emphasizes that having the live bass brought back is what some of the other tunes are lacking. Immediately the tune bounces (like the title track and three more tunes) more than the ones without the prominent bass. Social criticism in the very entertaining and melodic "Ihr Wollt Nicht Lernen" is followed by the encouragement to lift up your head in "Kein Problem" of which the piano and horns remind me of Madness' more pop than ska songs and the almost waltz-like call to dance (to Benjie music) "Schleicher". The ballad with beats "Sag Es Mir" asks his girls to honestly tell whether or not she really loves him. "Ein Rebell" is a great tribute to hip hop, even when hip hop is not always well, as expressed through hip hop ist mein Kumpel, und er fühlt sich grad nicht wohl / beklagt sich bei mir über innere Leere, fühlt sich irgendwie hohl yet still reassuring hip hop ist ein Rebell. "Ich Träume" is a nice love ballad, before the nice and also very slow "Brett Vorm Kopf" denounces all narrow-minded over-simplifying people. "Geld" is an acapella about the root of all evil, and then Benjie switches back to lovers for the love-gone-wrong ballad "Ein Leben Ohne Dich" and the latin-tinged declaration of love "Ich Und Du". "Schritt Für Schritt" the urging to get on with your life even when it's rough closes this nice second Benjie album, that would have benefited from a bit more bass driven backing, but it is still worth recommending if you dig the German lyrics, and it's good to see this talented youth from Germany's Hannover back on the scene.