A Moment In Time
Beres Hammond
VP Records-Groove Attack
Digital Release / CD + DVD
August 19, 2008 / October 17, 2008

Beres Hammond - A Moment In Time Track list
  1. I Feel Good
  2. No Goodbye
  3. Picking Up The Pieces
  4. Still Will Be Heaven
  5. Can't Say I Never Tried
  6. Friends?
  7. I'll Live Again
  8. Talking Africa
  9. Bring It On
  10. Dark Clouds
  11. A Place For You
  12. Body & Soul
  13. Cry No More
  14. A Moment In Time
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
From his early days as lead singer of the 70s funk-reggae band Zap Pow, Hugh Beres(ford) Hammond has consistenly produced hits and number one singles, he released his first studio album "Soul Reggae" in 1976, spawning the number one hit "One Step Ahead" and in 1985 cames the dancehall breakthrough "What One Dance Can Do" off his self entitled album "Beres Hammond. He has collaborated with reggae's elite and has worked with legendary producers Willie Lindo, Sly & Robbie, Steely & Clevie and Philip 'Fattis' Burrell, to name a few. In 1990, his album "A Love Affair" from Donovan Germain Penthouse label raised his popularity to new heights. Cuts like "Tempted To Touch" and "Who Say" with Buju Banton are still huge in the dancehall today and have been nicely compiled on "Collectors Series ~ Beres Hammond". During the 90s, Beres blazed a trail of modern classics for a variety of producers, from the strugglers anthem "Putting Up Resistance" (for Tappa Zukie) to lovers' lamenst like "Come Back Home" (for Star Trail). In 2001 Beres, brought us major hits like "They Gonna Talk" and "Rock Away" from his Grammy nominated album "Music Is Life". VP Records then released "The Ultimate Collection ~ Can't Stop A Man" in 2003 to commemorate Beres Hammond's career and in 2004, thus already more than 4 years back, his latest album "Love Has No Boundaries" that featured his trademark lovers tunes and mid-tempo dancehall grooves.

On "I Feel Good", the album's opener and first single, produced by Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records (who also produced Romain Virgo's beautiful "Mi Caan Sleep" across it), Beres immediately shows he is one of the greatest lovers rock singers still, followed by the even stronger "No Goodbye" about not being able to end his relationship, no matter the troubles gone through, like most other tunes on this album produced by himself for his own Harmony House label and the in my opinion by a too soft R&B influenced rhythm backed call for peace "Picking Up The Pieces". The magnificent declaration of love with sugar coated violins backed "Still Will Be Heaven" with the magnificent message to his woman
If i live to see a hundred years or so / And the ocean's now where green trees used to grow
If suddenly everything just disappeared / Nowhere to go, No friends to see, The house isn't there
But if I looked around and you were by my side / Every step I take, I'd take them all with pride
I'd sure miss this world and all its rights and wrongs / I'd miss all the fun and all the beautiful songs
But It Will Still Be Heaven! As long as you're there! / Still Will Be Heaven! All The Way!!!

The strong "Can't Say I Never Tried" is followed by the magnificent "Friends? don't mean a thing, if I can't cry on your shoulder" and the piano ballad song of praise "I'll Live Again". Another standout tune on this album is "Talking Africa", a brilliant love song, not for a girl, but for the homeland, with angelic backing vocals over a very upful riddim and "Bring It On" is almost as strong, a moving 'I'm Sorry' song in typical Beres fashion. Probably the strongest riddim on "A Moment In Time" is backing "Dark Clouds" about a love being on the brink of being shattered in which Beres feels being home with you is like being alone, cause you're always on the phone although the great foundation relick for "A Place For You" almost rivals it. "Body & Soul" like "Picking Up The Pieces" and sharing its lyrical topic doesn't convince me either. The penultimate song on this album is the wonderful "Cry No More" over a dubby riddim with heavy strings on top, before the album is closed by the wonderful title track It takes just "One Moment In Time" to change your life forever, it takes just one moment in time to put it all together over an excellent jazzy bass driven riddim with a great subdued trumpet on top for which Beres' daughter Natassja shares the production credits. "A Moment In Time" is once more, finally after four years of waiting, a Beres Hammond album you can pick up without even prelistening. The (and my) only complaint could be why his scorcher "I Surrender" on Kemar McGregor's 'Drop It' and "Not For Sale" on Don Corleon's 'Love Potion' have not been included on this extremely solid album.