Better Days
George Nooks
Charm-Jet Star

Track list
  1. No One Knows
  2. Next Time
  3. Queen Of The Ghetto
  4. Perfect World
  5. These Good Days
  6. For Your Love
  7. If I Had The World
  8. Waiting
  9. No Daddy
  10. Monetary Substance
  11. Terrible
  12. Deceiver
  13. A Song For Mama
  14. Crush Dem
  15. Child Molester
  16. Put Away Some
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Over the past year veteran singer George Nooks enjoyed notable hit success with his covers of Al Green's "God Is Standing By" and Bill Withers' "Lean On Me". In fact George Nooks' remarkable resurgence doesn't come as a real surprise as the popularity of smooth voiced balladeers gathered pace on the contemporary reggae scene. George Nooks' full-length set "Better Days" - the follow up to last year's album release "Standing By" - is going to further his reputation as one of Jamaica's foremost singers and will definitely take his career to the next level. This brand new collection from the former deejay Prince Mohammed turned crooner contains some great reggae music, worthy of attention. Reggae's top producer King Jammy, who was ably assisted by the legendary Dean Fraser, provides the singer with a great set of riddims including reworkings of classic backdrops as well as fresh originals, few of them already utilized on Bushman's albums for King Jammy as can be witnessed while listening to the outstanding "Perfect World" over the "Thank You Father" riddim, the awesome savers' anthem "Put Away Some" and the killer tune "Crush Dem". Three prime examples of George Nooks' ability to deliver notable conscious efforts that belie any misconceptions of those who might think that he's only a fine singer for the so-called "big people music". It's obvious that matters of the heart dominate this set, a side of his repertoire that brought him success and wide recognition. On the other hand George Nooks is also renowned for covering tunes of the late Dennis Brown, the singer who had a massive influence on George Nooks. Apart from a fine rendition of "If I Had The World" (also recorded by Dennis Brown in 1982) and "Waiting", a cut of the "Heavenless" riddim similar to that used on Dennis Brown's "Love's Got A Hold On Me", this album doesn't include covers of Dennis Brown songs. Perhaps a notable detail for George Nooks' fans, but after hearing this album one experiences that he has awaited the moment to fully showcase his skills and talent as both singer and serious songwriter. Thus his link up with King Jammy (very much like in the mid-seventies with Joe Gibbs) can be regarded as instrumental for Nooks' musical career. Besides already mentioned notable tracks it's truly wortwhile to check such great efforts as "Next Time", "For Your Love", "No Daddy" and "Monetary Substance". The King Jammy produced "Better Days" is George Nooks' best album to date. Strongly recommended for those who appreciate good singing, meaningful lyrics and crisp and tight riddim tracks.