Better Your Soul
Norris Man
Jah Scout Records

Track list
  1. Change Of Life
  2. Hold On To Your Faith
  3. Last Days
  4. Don't Be Shy
  5. Better Your Soul
  6. Wouldn't You Like
  7. I Know Good Things
  8. Jah Love Us
  9. The Sun Still Shines
  10. When Dem Ego Done
  11. He Who Knows
  12. The Pain
  13. She Grooves featuring Money B
  14. Stop Your Lying
  15. Blessed Are Those
  16. Focus The Right Stuff
  17. Mek Jah Guide You
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Some two years after his first full-length album "Persistence" Kingston JA born Christopher Campbell aka Norris Man is back with a notable follow-up album entitled "Better Your Soul". In the beginning of his career Norris Man has often been compared to his fellow reggae singjay Anthony B, but with this new set Norris Man shows that he's truly well on the way to establishing his own musical identity. "Better Your Soul" is an album that has to grow, thus one definitely has to take time to experience the beauty and strength of this collection of songs, but doing so it's obvious that "Better Your Soul" outmatches its predecessor. The 17 tracks on this CD form a cohesive blend of modern roots reggae, sometimes incorporating outside influences like for example Funk, R&B and Hip-Hop. From a musical point of view this album intents upon courting a wider audience. However fear not, because there are immovable Rasta sensibilities at the heart of every tune featured here. Earlier released material already showcased this artist's proficient songwriting, but here he even takes this talent to the next level. Lyrically spoken all tracks featured here make a serious impression and keep you involved till the very end. Thus it is a real joy to listen to such meaningful and uplifting songs like "Change Of Life", the title track "Better Your Soul", "When Dem Ego Done" and "Stop Your Lying", to name a few. Unlike many up-and-coming artists Norris Man didn't limit himself to one tried and trusted style. This set shows that he had the courage to search for further development by exploring new musical directions. It turns out to work very well and that's why this "Better Your Soul" album can be regarded very interesting and impressive as well. This CD features so many excellent efforts that it is almost unfeasible to point out all the standout tracks. So here's our favourite selection of tunes that we have been playing over and over again so far : "Last Days", "Better Your Soul", "I Know Good Things", "When Dem Ego Done", "Blessed Are Those", "She Grooves", "Stop Your Lying" and "Mek Jah Guide You"
"Better Your Soul" features great music produced by Colin McGregor and veteran reggae artist and producer Rankin Scroo of Crucial Youth Productions, songs produced by Colin McGregor in collaboration with Duane Dyer and Winston Smith of JaQuzzi Records and also tracks produced by Dia Fearon of the Builder's Music Label.