Leroy Mafia
Gussie P

Track list
  1. Hail To You My Empress
  2. Glad To Be Loved
  3. Not To Blame
  4. Once In My Life
  5. I'm In Love Again
  6. Right From Wrong
  7. Beware Of Your Enemies
  8. Peace Man Time
  9. Suffering Style
  10. Hungry
  11. Crying In The Ghetto
  12. Bring Your Love To Me
  13. Take Me Higher
  14. One Drop Jam
  15. Don't Say That You're Leaving
  16. Empress Menan Melody
  17. Lovers Melody
  18. Sufferers Melody
  19. Staff Of Life Melody
  20. Musically On Guard
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Seemingly the London-based producer Gussie P doesn't manage to get his products available on a wide scale 'cause too many of his releases are truly hard to purchase. A real pity as this distinctive producer has unleashed some worthwhile material including Earl Sixteen's "Wondrous Works", Richie Davis' "Satisfaction Guarenteed" and Roman Stewart's "Wisdom Of Solomon". Anyhow, here's "Beware", a massive twenty track CD from Leroy Mafia (of & Fluxy fame in singing alias). Leroy Mafia is in music business for more than two decades by now. At the beginning of his career Leroy - along with his brothers Dingle and Fluxy - was a member of The Instigators, a band that bursted on the UK reggae scene in the winter of 1980 with their debut single "Let's Make Love", and then went from strength to strength with tunes like "Boom", Pretty Girl" and "Your Love". Liking what Sly & Robbie were doing in Jamaica, Leroy Mafia and his brother Dave Fluxy started their own band and record label in the second half of the eighties. The label's first release was the hit song "You Are The One For Me" by Leroy Mafia, which was followed by other chartbusters from Leroy including "Finders Keepers" and "You Lied".Throughout the nineties Mafia & Fluxy have established themselves as the UK's foremost drum & bass section, being very sought after session musicians in both the UK and Jamaica. Besides that Leroy Mafia, being a gifted singer, songwriter and composer, has also released some fine vocal albums. His latest cd "Beware" sees him mixing the lovers with the roots in roughly equal measure. When it comes to matters of the heart we're treated to some very enjoyable tracks, which include the wicked "Hail To You My Empress", the wonderful "Not To Blame" (incorporating some real nice horns), "I'm In Love Again", "Bring Your Love To Me" (a version of the In Crowd's Back A Yard), and "Don't Say That You're Leaving". However, the strongest part of this album is the roots section which kicks off with the awesome "Right From Wrong", which is followed by a killer version of Creole's roots classic "Beware Of Your Enemies", an adaptation of the riddim used for Hugh Mundell's "That Little Short Man". Next drops "Peace Man Time", another great cultural tune truly worth of hearing. The same goes for the outstanding "Suffering Style" and the matching track "Hungry". With "Crying In The Ghetto", delivered in old skool stylee, Leroy Mafia once again treats us to a solid roots & culture tune thus fully underlining that he's equally at home with lovers rock and roots music. Five organ instrumentals played by the man himself round off a solid album from a true multi-talented artist.