Peckings Presents... On Bond Street With The Supersonics
Bitty McLean
November 1, 2004

Track list
  1. Walk Away From Love
  2. Tell Me
  3. Your Heart
  4. Baby Tonight
  5. To Fall In Love
  6. Only You
  7. My Lover's Call
  8. You & I
  9. Make It With You
  10. I've Got Love
  11. Cruisin'
  12. My One And Only Love
  13. Inez
  14. Ranglin On Bond Street
  15. Indian Love Call
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
This album is my album of the year. I know there's still a month left, but no other release is gonna top this album. With Bitty McLean - who nearly topped the pop charts in 1994 with his take on the Fats Domino / Dave Bartholomew penned "It Keeps Raining" reaching No.2, and who since has been busy producing some of the finest British lovers albums - a pure exponent of the British lovers rock tradition in the same vein as Maxi Priest is featured on this extraordinary Peckings production.

Duke & Chris Peckings, sons of London's famous Studio One & Treasure Isle outlet owner George 'Peckings' Price teamed up with Delroy Easton 'Bitty' McLean for these recordings over famous Arthur 'Duke' Reid Treasure Isle productions, like after an old school intro telling all listeners 'Now clap your hands and stamp your feet, this happens to be the Treasure Isle treat' Bitty perfectly fitting the lyrics and melody of former Temptation's lead singer David Ruffin's Motown scorcher "Walk Away From Love" to the 1967 Alton Ellis' 'Rock Steady'-riddim. "Tell Me" is the first ever vocal recorded over the 1971 instrumental 'Ranglin On Bond Street', while "Your Heart" is using the 'Folk Song' 1966 riddim, released on Duke Reid's Dutchess label as a 7" and only available on album on the Peckings release "Mama Peckings & The Dutchess".

Every single tune highlights with a crisp sound the musical greatness of Tommy McCook and the Supersonics, as well as the absolutely brilliant voice of Bitty McLean, and his talent to write melodically and lyrically great lovesongs over these classic Treasure Isle riddims e.g. in "Baby Tonight" using The Sensations' 1968 'Those Guys'-riddim. "To Fall In Love" is a take on one of the biggest classic lovers riddims ever, Joy Landis' 1968 'Moonlight Lover'. Another tune luring you into believing it is an original 35 years old Duke Reid recording is "Only You" of which the stomping 'I Shall Wear A Crown'-riddim by the Richards Brothers was originally released on Duke's Dutchess label in 1963. "My Lovers Call" is a take on the Tommy McCook & Lester Sterling 1966 instrumental 'Inez', one of Tommy McCook's most championed tunes, featured as a CD-only bonus in its original instrumental version as well.

"You & I" rides 'Indian Love Call', yet another 1966 Tommy McCook instrumental featured in its sole instrumental brilliancy as well, but it's unbelievably how Bitty McLean really graces it here with his soulful lovers lyrics. David Gates' "Make It With You" uses the riddim used for the Techniques seminal take on Curtis Mayfield's "Queen Majesty" in 1967."I've Got Love"'s riddimtrack originally served as the backing for the Melodians' 1967 "I Will Get Along Without You", while "Cruisin'" puts the Smokey Robinson lyrics on top of the Conquerors' 'Lonely Street'-riddim from 1968, before "My One And Only Love" is the last vocal track over Tommy McCook & The Supersonics' 'Moods'-riddim on an album that is every single note a blazing tribute to the days of rocksteady at Treasure Isle. A superb combination of foundation riddims and huge soulful UK-lovers vocals.

Big big respect to the Peckings brothers and Bitty McLean for teaming up for this best album of 2004!