World Destruction
Dreadsquad & Blackout JA
Superfly Studio
Digital Release
March 18, 2016

Track list
  1. A Girl Like You
  2. Innocent Persecution
  3. Dance Fi Mi
  4. Never Give In
  5. Drop The Bass Line
  6. Sound System
  7. World Destruction
  8. Take My Love
  9. In My Head Pt. 2 feat. Dub FX & Adam Faz
  10. Police Brutality
  11. Last Tune feat. Kush Arora & Smerins Anti-Social Club
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
After having collaborated on tunes for juggling project such as "The Riddim Machine", "Bun Dem" and "Modern Time", well-respected Polish producer Dreadsquad and Blackout JA, a deejay with a rockstone voice reminiscent of Buju Banton (and thus often referred to as "The European Buju Banton"), finally come up with a full length album entitled "World Destruction".

Reggae & dancehall artist, producer and radio presenter Blackout JA (real name Christopher Hendricks) grew up in a musical household in Jamaica. He was exposed to various styles of music from a young age as he would hear his mother sing in a church choir. Besides that he was in the surroundings of his father and friends with their sound system from Portland called Universe, and he also heard his grandfather playing his trusty saxophone. He moved to Kingston to pursue a career in music, which led him to work with a variety of great producers such as Sly and Robbie for whom he recorded the single "Want Mi Loving" in 1994. Blackout JA now lives in Bristol, England, and in recent years has recorded tunes for Necessary Mayhem (England), Mungo's Hi Fi (Scotland), Max Rubadub (Switzerland), Anancy Sound (Russia), Pirates Crew Recordings (Belgium), General Lee's Hi Power Music (Broolyn NY) and Dreadsquad (Poland).

The collaboration between Dreadsquad and Blackout JA actually started when the pair met at the Uprising Festival in Slovakia, after which they decided to spend a week writing and recording to produce what is now the main body of "World Destruction". The latter as a whole takes in many different genres including Roots Reggae, Digital/Raggamuffin, UK Steppers and Rub-A-Dub with influences of World Music and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This said, one might think that such a diversity simply can't make it a cohesive album, but we can assure you that in this case it's a wrong thought. The production techniques used for the songs along with Blackout JA's vocal abilities and flow as well as the lyrical content, which deals with subject matters like corruption, poverty, mind control, war on drugs, and police brutality, make that all tracks engage the listener and are interesting to hear.

Throughout "World Destruction" there are several moments which are likely to standout to listeners. The first is the awesome "Innocent Persecution" on the "Bun Dem" riddim, which incorporates a heavy roots reggae vibe. Then there's the truly powerful social commentary song "Never Give In" on the recently released "Modern Time" riddim. A top tune fi sure! The same goes for the exciting "Sound System", in which Blackout JA tells about his experiences as a youth, when his father was playing rub-a-dub on his Universe sound system at a dance. And also the title track, "World Destruction", which obviously deals with the destruction of the world we are living in, is a great effort. With "Police Brutality", a huge tune many can relate to, Blackout JA tackles a topic that has caused much upheavel in many communities. Also worth hearing is Blackout JA's infectious rendition of Edwyn Collins' 1994 hit song "A Girl Like You". It's one of two love songs featured on this album (the solid "Take My Love" being the other), and actually the first time the artist has recorded a cover.

Overall opiniom is that Dreadsquad & Blackout JA have managed to create a mostly hard-hitting album that provides a well-varied musical treat.