Black City Dread
The Dub Funk Association
Tanty Records
LP (Limited Edition)

Track list
Side One :
  1. Heavyweight Situation
  2. Far I Dub
  3. Dub In The Arena
  4. Hard Back Youth
Side Two :
  1. Africa Sent Us
  2. A Chilled Out Version
  3. Hustler's Version
  4. The Chuzzler Well Set
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Kelvin Richard's Dub Funk Association emerged in 1991 and since then this collective of fine musicians has developed a very special dub funk sound of their own. Of course, the music is strongly influenced by vintage roots reggae and renown dub masters like for example the great King Tubby, but as many UK dub outfits limited themselves to producing heavy roots dub music the Dub Funk Association explored new shapes and forms and added a refreshing, more accessible and danceable flavor to their efforts. The inspiration for the creation of Dub Funk Association's "Black City Dread" comes from a mid-seventies released reggae album in a simple black & white sleeve called "Contempo Jade" by Black Jade. As DFA's Kelvin.R states..."The quality of that recording was so 'coarse', the production so 'sparse' and a bass so 'sub', you would need a JCB digger to bring it up! Yet it captured a spirit, a splintered raggedness, a 'something', which I've yet still to fully appreciate in many of today's Dub / Reggae recordings."
"Black City Dread" is a genuine limited edition 1000 copy vinyl only release, which features three brand new exclusive tracks, a new version of "Hustler's Choice" from the "Roots Of Dub Funk" CD called "Hustler's Version" as well as some cuts from the full CD only albums "Sounds Of The Heavyweight" and "Roots Of Dub Funk". The album kicks off with "Heavyweight Situation", a solid piece with an intensive sub-bass and vocals taken from the "Sounds Of The Heavyweight" album. Next drops an exclusive track, the moody slow paced "Far I Dub" which is followed by the awesome "Dub In The Arena", one of the standout tracks on this album. Side One ends in fine style with a decent slow dub outing entitled "Hard Back Youth", which already appeared on the "Roots Of Dub Funk" compilation set.
The flipside starts off with the previously unreleased "Africa Sent Us", a very enjoyable dub effort which incorporates an electro beat strongly reminiscent of breakdance music. The hip-hop flavored "A Chilled Out Version" from the "Sounds Of The Heavyweight" set is truly wicked and definitely belongs to the highlights on this LP. However, it comes even better as this track is followed by the killer track "Hustlers' Version", actually a haunting Hammond organ cut of "Hustlers Choice" which brings to mind Jackie Mittoo's "Drum Song". "The Chuzzler Well Set" - a very slow paced, stripped down dub outing - rounds off this notable "Black City Dread" set, which is well worth checking, especially for those who are looking for refreshing contemporary dub and dub related sounds on vinyl.