Blackheart Man
Bunny Wailer
November 1976

Track list
  1. Blackheart Man
  2. Fighting Against Conviction
  3. The Opressed Song
  4. Fig Tree
  5. Dream Land
  6. Rastaman
  7. Reincarnated Souls
  8. Amagideon (Armagedon)
  9. Bide Up
  10. This Train
He does everything in his music perfectly so that all criticism, once the critic understands fully what motivates him, its rendered null and void. He does it to satisfy his own elevated standards of creativity and achievement and to prove himself unmatchable on that level of thought, action, and production. He is inspired. His music is fresh and clean. It will astonish some ears and perplex others. For it will not be fully appreciated by some, being an album which requires serious meditation. It must be praised for its completeness, the attention to detail, the lyrical and vocal qualities, the poise, the depth of emotion and the sincerity of the song. It is an album of majesty Bunny! It reflects your own self discipline and thoroughness. There is no music here that does not speak of Rastafari, the concept of I, the Word, God Almighty. And there is no use in me dwelling on any one track when all are equal. A deep and spiritual album.