Black History
Charm-Jet Star

Track list
  1. Bandulu
  2. Instance
  3. Ring Leader
  4. Black History
  5. No Pain
  6. Rastafari Children
  7. Problem Inna The System
  8. Bun Dem Up
  9. Run Dem To Wrong
  10. Things Will Be Better
  11. Upfullness
  12. Galong
  13. Don't Be Disappointed
  14. Happy To Love
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The brand new Sizzla album "Black History" - his second for the year 2001 so far - contains fourteen self-produced tracks on CD with only one cut, "No Pain", previously released on the artist's one-off "Kalonji" label. Since Sizzla presented himself to the reggae world with his debut CD "Burning Up" in 1995, he quickly established his name in Jamaica and abroad and became well known and loved for his insistent growling chanting, tempered with a tenderness, a singjay semi-sweetness, coupled to the most militant lyrics in praise of Jah, the fighting of injustices and downpression. In the past two years or so Sizzla stretched his vocal and lyrical style and more often delivered hardcore dancehall efforts. The latter also due to the fact that he started to record for other producers than Phillip "Fatis" Burrell and Bobby "Digital" Dixon, the ones who were instrumental in his career as they produced the classic albums "Praise Ye Jah" and "Black Woman & Child". Recent statements of Reggae connoisseurs that his current efforts incorporate a little of the tenderness he once displayed on records like for example the aforementioned "Black Woman & Child" or lack the deep religious beliefs evidenced on most of his records from a few years ago, have caused some controversy as to whether or not Sizzla is still a top ranker.
However, take time to listen to this lively "Black History" set - switching from melodic modern roots reggae to the raw driving beats of hardcore ragga - and capture Sizzla performing in his well known style, which ranges from furious half-spoken efforts to more lyrical message tunes. Then one has to admit that Sizzla still belongs to Jamaica's current wave of topnotch artists. Tunes such as the excellent "Bandulu", the wicked "Black History", the impressive, nyabinghi flavored "No Pain", the awesome "Upfullness", and also solid efforts like "Things Will Be Better" and "Don't Be Disappointed" find Sizzla in vintage form. Of course... not all pieces featured on this CD are real killers, but with every track having its own merit, "Black History" is truly well worth checking!