Black Woman And Child

Track list
  1. Black woman and child
  2. Hard ground
  3. More guidance
  4. Make it secure
  5. Oh what a joy
  6. Love is divine
  7. One away
  8. Guide over us
  9. Give them the ride
  10. Babylon a use dem brain (with Capleton)
  11. Princess black (with Edi Fitzroy)
  12. No time to gaze
  13. Too much to bear
  14. Mi lord (with Determine)
  15. Give them the ride (Morgan Heritage remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Sizzla's "Praise Ye Jah" album has been recently released, and now Greensleeves comes up with a new album from this hotter than hot sing-jay. Sizzla is a lyricist of rare depth and originality, with an almost religious intensity. No wonder comparisons are inevitably drown with reggae legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. He can easily take place next to the late Garnett Silk, Luciano, Anthony B and Buju Banton as an integral part of the '90's cultural revolution in reggae music.
"Black Woman & Child" is produced by Bobby Digital & The Crew, recorded and mixed at Digital B studio. Sizzla is accompanied by the likes of Dean Fraser, Sly & Robbie, Barry O'Hare, Jazzwad, The Firehouse Crew and Dalton Browne.
He preaches of Jah guidance, expresses his knowledge of the teachings and prophesies of Prince Emmanuel and Marcus Garvey on tracks such as "Oh what a joy", and "Guide over us". Sizzla expresses his opinion about the people's resistance from the oppresion of politicians and world leaders on "Give them a ride", which gets a hip hop / r'n'b treatment on the remix version. On the title track he openly sings about his love for the black woman and child on an hypnotic nyabinghi riddim. Next to excellent reworkings of Studio 1 classics (Drum Song, Hot Milk, Declaration of Rights, Lecturer) and a Bunny Lee riddim, Sizzla lays down some fine new riddims such as the instant roots classic "Too much to bear", and scoring with hard-core reggae beats on "Mi lord" and "No time to gaze".
The album can be, just like Buju's "Till Shiloh", regarded as a new milestone in the unstoppable development of contemporary roots reggae music. He dominates the whole album with his powerful voice, giving a strong feeling of anger and disgust aimed at the injustice of modern society, and that's only one of the reasons for checking out this essential release !