Bunny Melody
W.A.B. Records
May 29 - 2003

Track list
  1. Back Biters
  2. Friends
  3. Rain Or Shine
  4. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  5. My Love Is Your Love
  6. When You Say Nothing At All
  7. You're A Lady
  8. Montego Bay
  9. Money
  10. I Do
  11. I'd Love You To Want Me
  12. Four Seasons
  13. Miss You Nights
  14. Everything I Own
  15. Curly Wurley
  16. Never Love This Way Again
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4
After a visit in 1994 to his home town of Kingston Jamaica, Bunny Melody became involved with the islands biggest export, the making of music and W.A.B records was born. Bunny produced many works for many popular Reggae artists and it was while working on his favourite track "Everything I own" which he intended to get a top name artist to perform, Bunny was asked to voice the track himself, Bunny really had never thought of doing this but felt he could try and so for the first time ever he stepped into the studio and the resulting record soon drew a response, Ragga F.M played the song many times and as a result Bunny became involved in "Childline" ,released "Lonely Girl" and "Love To Want" and in 1998 launched his 1st album "True to you". Bunny Melody has proved he has the style and voice reggae lovers everywhere just love to hear and has used his love of Reggae thought his career to express himself via writing and performing. Bunny has toured Europe, performed on Meridian t.v, The Warehouse for Carlton television and most recently Sky T.V, he has also performed at countless clubs and charity events such as the Dartford festival, The Bromley Carnival to name but a few.
The current album 'Friends' is his second album and it's a collection of sophistaced lovers rock tunes. The lovers rock phenomenon has clearly never gone away as audiences and dj's alike try to recapture, relive or even re-introduce themselves to this sound. Nuff sweet and soulful tunes here, but the occasional roots tune steals the show ! The opening track is an excellent roots tune -Back Biters across the 'Get In The Groove' riddim, while the title track Friends is an appealing and catchy tune which stays in your head for a long while !
A very strong tune is Money, which has that fine blend of soulful and smooth vocals over a superflowing reggae riddim with a very nice backing vocals adding that little bit of extra. The selfpenned Four Seasons is another lovers song which Bunny brings across a soft-styled reggae riddim, reminding me of those classics rocksteady riddims. Another Bunny Melody original is Curly Wurley, the riddim is simple but strong, and the synthisizer here spices up the song, instead of overthrowing it. The same goes for the song Rain Or Shine. The closing tune is an easy grooving tune, a well structured song where all elements really fit well. You're A Lady is a very sweet song on which Bunny's passionate vocal delivery adds to the lyrical content.
The rest of the tunes here are remakes of songs that have become standards throughout the years. Kris Kristoferson's Help Me Make It Through The Night became well known through John Holt's emotional version of the song and countless other reggae artists have re-done this song. Bunny's rendition -he raises the tempo- ranks as one of the finest I've heard. I Jah Man's I Do is a great lovers tune and Bunny stays pretty close to the original version, while Wycliff Jean's My Love Is Your Love comes close to Terry Linen's reworking.
The cd 'Friends' is an album loaded with tracks trying to capture a mood, and if you like artists such as Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, Peter Hunnigale and George Nooks you should check this one out ! Click on the image and listen to the album mix of Bunny Melody's "Friends" album!

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