Bob's Bar
Urban Tribe
Adam Atterby Musikproduktion
June 26, 2005

Track list
  1. Fool With A Gun
  2. We Say No
  3. I Believe In You
  4. Bump Dem
  5. Soul Rebel
  6. Silver And Gold
  7. Bob's Bar
  8. Better Than This
  9. Chant Them Down
  10. Bad Man
  11. Revolution
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Released on June 14th, the debut album "Bob's Bar" from a new reggae group from Sweden called Urban Tribe. It's an 11-piece band, complete with a fantastic sounding horn-section. The sound of the band is phat and juicy, immediate comparisons to great traditional reggae bands like Steel Pulse, Inner Circle and Bob Marley & the Wailers will be made. The band is build around Adam Atterby who is a writer, producer, composer, musician and singer! Listen to his story how it all began ......

"It all started in February 2004, when I got the idea of writing a tribute song for my home away from home, Bob's Bar in Kamala Beach, Thailand. I went to our bungalow and wrote the song right there and recorded it upon returning to an icy Stockholm. Recording and producing the song left me with an itch I just had to scratch so I kept writing, and writing ...until, about two months later, I had 11 songs ready. The album was recorded in my studio in the Old Town in Stockholm during the summer, with post production and bits and pieces added during the fall and early winter. I had a rough version of the album with me when I returned to Kamala in November, so I got the chance to hear the song "Bob's Bar" where it really should be heard - at Bob's Bar.

Then, on Boxing day 2004, the tsunami struck. I was working on the final mix of the album when my wife woke me up saying a huge tidalwave had struck Southeast Asia. We sat dumbfounded and watched the terrible reports coming from the TV - I simply couldn't believe it. All the phone lines were down and we couldn't get in touch with Bob or any of our other Thai friends and it wasn't until the day after that, finally, Bob gave me a call to let us know he was allright, although there wasn't much left of the bar of, fot that matter, the rest of Kamala. All was lost. As a good measure of what kind of man Bob is, he still asked how my wife Charlotte was and if our son had been born yet. Here we have a man who has just lost everything that he owns and he still wants to know if we had gotten our baby yet. I think that is remarkable. At the time I write this, it is still very unclear if there will ever be a Bob's Bar in Kamala again. The fact is that it is up to us - if we all come, he will be there."

Urban Tribe present themselves as seasoned musicians, capable of playing excellent roots reggae, delivered in a positive mood. The album definitely brings positive vibes, although some of the themes here are aggression, corruption, crisis and greed. Listening to the album we never would have guessed these are Swedish guys! The rich and mature sound makes one think the band has been playing worldwide for several years. The album has strong crossover potential as can be heard when listening to tunes like Fool With A Gun and Soul Rebel, the latter being a very danceable tune with some nice dancehall flavors.

This album is dedicated to all those who lost their lives and livelyhood in this tragedy and 20% of the price of the album goes directly to Bob to help him rebuild the bar. For more info check the website www.urbantribe.nu or email Adam Atterby at info@atterby.com

Excellent set....trust us...listen to the album and...enjoy!

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