Born To Rule
Mikey General
Domacran Music
November 30, 2010

Born To Rule - Mikey General Track list
  1. Full Speed
  2. Free
  3. Now Is The Time
  4. Jah Send His Love
  5. Born To Rule
  6. Father God Almighty
  7. Ababa Janhoy feat. Luciano & Haile Roots
  8. So Amazing
  9. For The World
  10. Need To Know
  11. Joy And Laughter
  12. Better Place
  13. Me, Myself And I
  14. Tek It To Dem
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
One of Reggae's most acknowledged talents in conscious vocals, singer Mikey General (born Michael Taylor), started to attract serious international attention in the second half of the '90s, after he had started his recording career in the mid-'80s with a series of strong dancehall tunes for London based Fashion Records. With full length albums such as "Sinners" aka "Stronger Rastaman" (1995), "I Am Just A Rastaman" (1997), "Spiritual Revolution" (2000), "Exalt Jah" (2003), "Red Green and Gold" (2003) and "Confidence In Jah Self" (2008), he slowly but steadily secured himself a place in the forefront of modern roots reggae music.

And now, just before the end of the year 2010, there's a brand new album out on the street called "Born To Rule". The latter is a 14 track album released by Mikey General's own imprint Qabalah First Music in association with Germany based Domacran Music. The high tenor voiced roots singer treats the listener to 13 fresh solo songs and a remarkable combination with his long-time bredren Luciano and Ethiopian singer Haile Roots. Recorded in Jamaica at True Friends, 321 Strong, Star Trail and Natural Bridge studios with members of the Firehouse Crew and musicians such as Noel Alphonso, Dameon Gayle, Wayne "Hunga" Thompson, Courtland White, and Kevin "Dickie" Richards, this "Born To Rule" album is a highly accomplished, homogeneous collection of tunes: Roots music in the vanguard of our times with a few reworkings of the past.

As we already know from his previous album releases, most of Mikey General's lyrics reflect commitment and deep faith in Jah, and the first tune that fully showcases this is the wonderful album opener "Full Speed". With the latter chart topping producer Rohan "Jah Snowcone" Fuller, who is mainly known for his Dancehall productions ("Rice & Peas", "Applause" and "Cheerful" riddims to name three), proves he's also able to produce a real good reggae tune. The slow-paced, beautiful "Free" carries a different vibe, but is just great to hear. It's followed by the solid "Now Is The Time" and the lively "Jah Send His Love", before the truly excellent title track "Born To Rule" drops in.

The Lloyd Campbell produced "Father God Almighty" is the first reworking of the past as it comes across a relicked version of Max Romeo's "Chi Chi Bud" riddim. The others are "So Amazing" on Anthony Johnson's "Everyday Is A Gunshot" riddim, "For The World" on Freddie McGregor's "Push Come To Shove" riddim and "Joy And Laughter" on Dennis Brown's "Have You Ever Been In Love" riddim. In between these tunes you'll find the extraordinary combination with Luciano and Haile Roots entitled "Ababa Janhoy", partly sung in Amharic and driven by an infectious percussive synth riff, adorned with a saxophone sample. When released as a single this very danceable tune with its strong African vibe could easily become a big dance hit in Europe, just like Stromae did with "Alors On Danse" in the summer of 2010. Furthermore there's also the nice "Need To Know", the only lovers track around. The solid "Better Place" kicks off the last part of the album with "Tek It To Dem" being our favourite track, while "Me, Myself And I" doesn't come that far behind.

This "Born To Rule" set is extremely pleasing to the ear and thus strongly recommended for any fan of high quality modern roots music.