Bound Club
Appear (Seeed's Ear)
01 - 09 - 2003

Track list
  1. Oddshot
  2. Area 51
  3. Drop
  4. French Gardens Weed
  5. Nawie
  6. Balm
  7. Share It
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Appear is 1/3 of Seeed's vocal line-up. Demba Nabé aka Appear has just released this solo-EP, and it is not at all aimed at any reggae or even dancehall purists. This release is a combination of all kinds of beats from dancehall and hiphop influence through jazzy (though fast paced) drum & bass into freejazz and an acoustic song already recorded in 1991. Sometimes the jazz, dub & reggae influences are almost in the style of Stefan 'Pole' Bettke, or Rhythm & Sound, not so much structured songs, but more minimalistic soundscapes. Ear is not only featured as a vocalist here, but plays clarinet on several songs. His vocal approach on "Bound Club" is very reminiscent of the Canadian jazz-hiphop-dub poet Clifton Joseph. Very rhytmic, sometimes scat-like vocals, over a variety of riddims. On the first track "Oddshot" his vocal delivery is more in the same style as his vocals are in Seeed, over a multi layered riddim track. On "Area 51" fellow Seeed member DJ Illvibe provides the scratches on a drum and bass riddim, with Appear (fast) rapping, but with the diction of a dub poet like Clifton Joseph. "Drop" is a track where the vocals are sung, in a more melodic, and throughout bluesy arrangement, while the beat is gloomy, and that atmosphere is only strenghtened by the cut and paste and 'noises' techniques used, the bright clarinet thus standing out even more. "French Gardens Weed" has a clear jazz bass line, jazzy hi-hats, changing back and firth into another minimalistic cut and paste riddim, where appear sings in a jazzy way alongside his own clarinet melodies, combined with the jazz poetry delivery again. "Nawie" has a hiphop/drum&bass hybrid riddim, with German lyrics, and what almost sounds like a kids-toy guitar. "Balm" is a groovy track, with a lot of double tracked vocals, that should have lasted a little longer, it stops when you're really drawn into the groove. Closing this EP is "Share It", a bluesy ballad, showcasing the vocal abilities as well as the lyrical and musical songwriting talents of Appear. This is a great EP for the musically open-minded. Purists of any of the styles that are mentioned in this review will no doubt hate it, but if you can handle a more adventurous approach to music, you have got to hear this disc. Take care,