Brand New Me
Gregory Isaacs
African Museum
June 11, 2008

Gregory Isaacs Track list
  1. Love Turns Catastrophe
  2. Fool Fall In Love
  3. Over & Over Again
  4. Send Me Back My Heart
  5. Idren Gone A Jail
  6. No Trust
  7. Don't Come Running
  8. Mix Up
  9. Point Of View
  10. Six Months
  11. Protect Me
  12. Betrayers Downfall
  13. Penitentiary
  14. Loneliness
  15. Diplomatic Fools
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Like many before him, Gregory started his singing career in the early 70's by working with a number of producers and entering various local talent competitions. His first records of notice were on Rupie Edwards' Success label. To gain artistic freedom and financial control of his own work, Isaacs started his own African Museum label and shop in Kingston in 1973 with singer Errol Dunkley. In order to finance his label, he continued to work with other producers such as Winton "Niney The Observer" Holness, Gussie Clark, Lloyd Campbell, and Alvin "GG" Ranglin for the rest of the 70's. His early recordings were responsible for the development of his singing style, love ballads with his cool relaxed nasal style, as well as his ease with songs about social protest.

After the last disappointing album "Substance Free" Gregory is back, and how! "Brand New Me" is the very suitable album title for the cool ruler's new album. He is back in a different style, more or less like we were used to from this great lovers & roots artist. The album kicks off with Love Turns Catastrophe, the unique voice of Gregory Isaacs over the nice riddim makes this a perfect lovers song. The same goes for Fools Fall In Love on which he actually SINGS. Over and Over Again is also a strong essential tune. Send Me Back My Heart is co-written by his son Gregory Junior (Kevin Isaacs), a lovely combination. Leaving the beginning lovers part of the album behind.

And continuing with Idren Gone A Jail over the "Craven Choke Puppy" riddim. After this there is a synthesized Ska fueled tune No Trust. Because of the more uptempo riddim it brings a good vibe to the album. Don't Come Running is a warning for the rogue lovers. Next comes the Ska-like Mix Up which also shows a lovely side of Gregory. Falling into the much slower Point Of View, it gives a nice relaxing vibe. The final tunes on the album are heavy roots songs. Six Months and the wonderful Protect Me really stand out. Betrayers Downfall has a very strong bassline, that lays the accent of this track. The final 3 tunes on the album are in my opinion the 3 gems of the album. i>Loneliness is a roots lovers song, while Penitentiary and Diplomatic Fools are sure shot hits!

The title of the album is a bit misleading 'cause we always loved Gregory. Enjoy!