Breaking Babylon Curse
Messenjah Selah
Zion High Productions
February 28, 2009

Messenjah Selah - Breaking Babylon Curse Track list
  1. She Ask Me Say
  2. Humble feat. Jah Dan
  3. Take A Minute
  4. Children Bring Me Joy
  5. Woman Of Purpose
  6. Focus
  7. Dirty House
  8. Keep Africa On Your Mind feat. Queen Omega
  9. Do Right And Unite
  10. Two Face
  11. Africa Bless
  12. False Religion feat. Lutan Fyah
  13. Unseen Corruption
  14. Their Story
  15. Isreal Betta Know
  16. Babylon Fi Get Burn Up
  17. Sufferation
  18. You Deserve
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
His independent 2003 debut album featured already two big tunes, "I will survive" with Luciano and "Joy" with Sizzla. So when I received this album I already had high expectations and to be short: He didn't fail to deliver!

Messenjah Selah (real name Everton Clarke) has come together with Zion High Productions and Digital Ancient to compose a modern roots album. Lustre Kings and I Grade form a Rastafari label family with Zion High Productions. The musical directors of each label often collaborate by recording together as the Zion I Kings or in other combinations and these fruitful combinations have already resulted in some topnotch riddims which also can be heard on this release.

Born in Jamaica (25th January 1974) and based in San Leandro (USA), Selah blends modern roots reggae with dancehall and dub. As a true rastaman he pairs some serious commentary about contemporary issues with some positive vibrations just as a modern roots & culture set should sound like. The album features some production by I Grade and the Red I Band so it definitely has that VI sound we all know from e.g. Midnite, Abja, Yahadanai and others.

It's not strange that those VI sounds influenced his delivery because at age 15 he moved to the Virgin Islands, where he discovered his musical talent and began nurturing it. He, along with a couple of his friends, decided to start an accapella group, which matured into a gospel reggae band where he was the guitarist and lead singer.

The album starts with his first single, which is produced by Nick Fantastic ("Proverbs" riddim) and is called She Ask Me Say. This is simply a great tune. Another song on this album which made a great impression on me is Humble, done in combination with Jah Dan. This song is moving from the first chorus to the last, and is strengthened by some uplifting verses from both artists. This massive tune is sung on a riddim we already know from Norrisman's song "Blessed Is The Man", which comes across the "Sunshower" riddim. It is the second song on this release and in my humble opinion he couldn't start his album in a better way.

Other guest appearances on "Breaking Babylon Curse" are from Queen Omega and my personal favorite singjay we all know as Lutan Fyah.

This album is not a so-called 'must have', but it's definitely a well worth addition to any steadily growing contemporary roots reggae collection. Just give it a listen... the first two album tracks and the second half of the album did impress me and I'm sure you will be touched too.