Break The Soil
Bambú Station
Mt. Nebo Records
December 19, 2006

Track list
  1. Brotherhood
  2. Beloved People
  3. I Rememba
  4. Sense Enemy
  5. Chance to Grow featuring Reemah
  6. King Baby
  7. Who? (Litany of Liars)
  8. Bird's I View
  9. Sing Upright
  10. I Sing Prayses
  11. New World Order
  12. Dem Say So
  13. Halle-lu-Yah
  14. Injoy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Bambú Station, along with alot of other artists hailing from the Virgin Islands including Midnite, Abja, Dezarie and Army, keep the torch of roots music, that was kindled way back in the seventies, burning. The band's work is the deepest of the deep Reggae music and is as good if not better than anything coming from Jamaica produced in the aforementioned era.

Their previous album, "One Day", is a great set which was rightly received with critical acclaim when it hit the streets in 2003. Three years after the release of that album, the band has unleashed a brand new collection of songs entitled "Break The Soil", and we can assure you that the long wait has been worthwhile!

Listening to the tracks featured on "Break The Soil" the listener can only draw one conclusion namely that Bambú Station have managed to match, and with some tracks even outmatch, the classic "One Day". The thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive vocal delivery of Jalani Horton are still there, but as a whole this set features more interesting arrangements and instrumentation, including some beautiful saxophone playing by Warren Pedersen II. It's obvious the band has made a natural progression and it pays.

It's hard to point out the best tunes as each track has its own merit and a quality that's above par. Therefore we'll just stick to pointing out our personal favourites which include the awesome "Sense Enemy" (with its partly spoken-word poetry), the powerful "Chance To Grow" with additional lead vocals from sweet-voiced Reemah, the roots killer "Who? (Litany of Liars)", the mystical "Bird's I View" featuring Tuff Lion's wonderful guitar playing, and "Injoy", the upfull anthem that rounds off this very entertaining album.

Quality modern roots music from beginning to end!