Breath Of Peace
Dub Caravan Meets Hornsman Coyote
Dread Camel
DBL LP (Limited Edition Vinyl) / Digital Release
May 23, 2013

Track list
Side A.
  1. Tribute To The Fathers
  2. Natty On Board
  3. Innocent Blood
  4. Innocent Horns
Side B.
  1. Burning In The City
  2. Make I Win
  3. Make I Win Version
  4. Air Raid
Side C.
  1. Rebel Steady
  2. Spanish Town
  3. Salaam I-Thiopia
  4. Egypt
Side D.
  1. Children
  2. Trail Of Tears
  3. Machine World
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
After having collaborated with Cypriotian dub poet Haji Mike for the album "Virtual Oasis" (2010), with accomplished Jamaican veteran musican/vocalist Nambo Robinson for the "Happy & Free" set (2011), and with Bulgarian reggae artist, songwriter, and producer Zafayah for the "Loud Out" EP (2012), Felix Russ Abu -- the originator of the Dub Caravan project -- has teamed up with Serbian singer, trombone, guitar and bass player Hornsman Coyote for a brand new project entitled "Breath Of Peace".

Nemanja Kojic aka Hornsman Coyote, son of the famous Serbian artist Borivoje Kojic, became a trombone player for Serbian reggae pioneers Del Arno Band in 1990. At the same time, he joined Belgrade hard core-punk band Dead Ideas as a guitarist. Later, he joined very popular hip hop act Sunshine as a bass player, an engagement that brought him a lot of respect on the local hip hop/rap scene and resulted in many collaborations. In 1994 Coyote formed a new band, Eyesburn, and became known as a vocalist. Eyesburn blended in an original way the genres of reggae, hard core, metal and hip-hop which resulted in instant popularity among all kinds of audiences locally and abroad.

In 2006, Eyesburn needed a break and Hornsman Coyote wanted to try to establish himself as an international reggae artist, trombone player and singer. He went to London in search for reggae producers willing to work with him. The first producer giving him a chance was well known guitar and bass player Jerry Lions, and with Jah Rej of Jah Works he recorded three 12-inch vinyl releases and his first official trombone instrumental album "Brass Roots". Then Polish record label Karrot Kommando released two albums of Hornsman Coyote as a vocalist; "What Next" and "Self Defend You". In 2011 he started working on his third vocal album, "Belly Of The Beast", with guest appearances of Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah and produced by Bunnigton Judah and House of Riddim.

With "Breath Of Peace", both Dub Caravan and Hornsman Coyote deliver a decent dbl vinyl album. On all tracks, the distinct trombone style of Hornsman Coyote plays a prominent role. Furthermore this set also features two vocal cuts in order to give it a little diversity. However, these tracks -- "Innocent Blood" and "Make I Win" -- show that his vocal delivery is less impressive than his trombone play. Musically the listener is treated to a mixture of well arranged 70's Roots Reggae, Dub and World Music. "Tribute To The Fathers", a well done version of Burning Spear's anthem "Slavery Days", gets things started and instantly makes a very good impression. This track is one of the highlights, with furthermore "Natty On Board", "Burning In The City", "Rebel Steady", "Spanish Town" and "Children" being the other tracks that deserve the listener's special attention.