Reggae Sauti Za Kiswahili EP
Tribal Global Records & Productions
Digital Release
September 8, 2014

Track list
  1. Heri Pahali
  2. Lala Vizuri
  3. Skiza
  4. Naimba Real Reggae Music
  5. Skiza (Umoja Dub Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Descended from The Maroons, Jamaica born Brina comes up with a brand new project which brings Jamaican Reggae back to Africa with an African language. With the "Reggae Sauti Za Kiswahili EP", this female singer comes up with a ground-breaking Jamaican-Reggae-Swahili cross-cultural musical fusion. Swahili is the largest non-European pan-African language, and a Reggae Swahili EP by a Jamaican singer has never been done before. The "Reggae Sauti Za Kiswahili EP" contains four songs plus a remixed version and fully displays Brina's incredible and powerful voice, which instantly impresses.

The EP kicks off with "Heri Pahali", an invocation and chant sending up praise to the Almighty One, bringing the attention and focus of people who will hear these words sung in Swahili to an enlightenment of the high station and presence of the Almighty. The words were translated and set to melody in the sweet language of Swahili by Dermot McHugh, a musician from Tanzania. Next comes "Lala Vizuri", which was partly translated into Swahili for Brina's 2012 released debut album, "Under One Sun". The message in the song is meant for an African audience, where the elders and the village assume the role and responsibility of protecting the children. It is said that when a child is born a song is sung for the new child, when they do bad this same song is sung, and when they grow old and die the song is sung, sung always by the village. The song "Lala Vizuri" is meant for the village to sing to young ones, promising to leave the light on and to protect every child, starting with our very own families all around the world. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, it's a beautiful tune to listen to.

The third track, "Skiza", was first heard by Brina when it was sung by Baha'is in Kingston JA. Here she brings the Swahili version of the song. "Skiza" (its "Umoja Dub Remix" rounds off this EP in great style) has already had overwhelmingly great support, as it was played (as a pre-release on radio by Kenyan DJ Njambi Koikai aka Fyah Mummah Jahmbi) for the Nation Media Group, Kenya. "Naimba Real Reggae Music" is real musical fusion, as it still retains some English expressions and phrases. The song brings together Jamaica, the East African lingua franca Swahili and West African liturgical drumming. This historic musical fusion can be heard on the outro, where for the first time the reggae river joins up with Afro-Cuban bembé (Yorubá ritual drumming).

Overall opinion is that Brina has delivered a collection of tunes that will be enjoyed and appreciated by any lover of World and Roots Reggae music.