The Journey
Buckey Ranks
Tender Touch Records
November 21, 2009

Buckey Ranks Track list
  1. The Intro
  2. I Am Coming Home
  3. Remember Me Lord feat. Bunny Lye Lye
  4. Sweet Sweet Woman
  5. Soldier In Jah Army
  6. Black Man
  7. Portland Tragedy feat. The Jays
  8. Set The Timing
  9. Why Worry
  10. I Am Bless
  11. Push Baby Mother Push feat. Phillip Myers
  12. Fish Never Open His Mouth
  13. Spliff Tail
  14. Why Me Lord feat. The Jays
  15. Den Pon Mi Guard
  16. Sinking Relationship
  17. Feeling Something For You feat. Tony Wrong
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As is the case with the Banton's, there are quite a few Ranks's in the reggae dancehall business including Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Sluggy Ranks, Echo Ranks, Fragga Ranks, Gowdie Ranks, Gappy Ranks and Buckey Ranks. The latter hails from the parish of Portland in Jamaica, famous for its Rio Grande River and the beauty of its vegetation.

Clive Buckley aka Buckey Roots aka Buckey Ranks started off his career at the Mango Sound System later followed by Small Axe, both from Spanish Town. Doing his thing at the Sound System he was approached by Denzil Williams -- a record producer and the owner of the Exodus Sound System, based in London, England -- who recognized that Buckey Ranks had both charisma and 'something exciting' in his delivery to the music. And thus he recorded his first single on the Exodus label, "Move Up Inna Life", followed by recording many more singles for different producers and doing tours through North America, Europe and Africa.

It was while in London that Buckey Ranks also made his mark on the acting scene and was able to showcase his versatile talent. He won the lead role in the Channel 4 production "We The Ragga Muffin", which went on to win two awards; one for 'Best Short Film', the other for 'Best Low Budget'. He also played cameo roles in the British productions "Baby Mother" and "Ruler Deal Loser". He honed his skill and talent in the theatre working with the respected Jamaican actor Carl Bradshaw in the stage play "Massive". Performed at the Hackney Empire to sell out audiences the play and cast had rave reviews. In the theatre he even turned his hand to comedy in Devon Morgan's Gospel Comedy "Back Slider", once again winning great reviews, this time for comical contribution for his performance of "Jaba the Ras" at Fairfeild Hall, London.

On the music side of things he didn't stick to solely performing and recording tunes, but also turned his talent to writing and production work. So far he has three albums out namely his full length debut set "Let It Grow", the self-produced various artists compilation "Buckey And Friends" on his own Tender Touch label and a third album -- produced in association with Gowdie Ranks for V.I.S. Records -- featuring Gregory Isaacs, Spanner Banner, Luciano, Mikey General, Alton Ellis, Al campbell and many more.

And now there's his sophomore full length album out entitled "The Journey". Buckey Ranks is known for strictly dealing with consciousness and upliftment and that is what each and every track on this album is all about. Throughout the album he fully shows that he's blessed with great songwriting abilities and also vocally he makes a decent impression with his distinctive 'old skool' singjay style -- in some tunes reminiscent of Tony Rebel. Riddimwise this set is well varied and unlike many other contemporary albums solely contains fresh originals. Best tracks are the spiritual "Remember Me Lord", the moving "Portland Tragedy", the powerful Rasta anthem "I Am Bless", the wonderful "Push Baby Mother Push", the modern dancehall oriented "Fish Never Open His Mouth" and the herb song "Spliff Tail".

Overal this is a decent collection of tunes with the disc inserted in a never before seen remarkable cd sleeve.