Bubble & Wine
Twingy Twanga
10 - 08 - 2002

Track list
  1. De-Se-Si-Mia
  2. All Mi Ladiers
  3. Sorry Won't Do
  4. Kingston Jamaica
  5. Top Ten
  6. Thank You Lord
  7. Bubble & Wine
  8. Gynecology
  9. Nuh Cry
  10. Quick Fi Draw
  11. Twingy Twanga
  12. Gimme Di Girls Dem
  13. Look Stunning
  14. La La La
  15. Nuh Tek Man Fi Toy
  16. Slew Dem Fast
  17. Duck It
  18. I See, I See
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Christopher Smith, in the dancehall fraternity known as the one and only Hawkeye, is definitely one of the most lyrical and original Jamaican deejays. Hawkeye emerged in the second half of the eighties when he recorded his first song called "Patios" for producer John Mills in 1988. He made an impression and then was introduced to Danny Browne the founder of "Main Street Records". Hawkeye recorded "Advertise Yuh Bran" which enjoyed some success, but it was with the chart entering "Arrest Mi Officer" that he did for Browne's "Main Street" label that flung the doors open for him. He then followed with "Beg Fi Him" which made it to the top ten. Finally his dream came true, he made it to the number one spot in all the local tabloids with the very catchy and amusing "Ooh Ah Aah". Hawkeye then teamed up with Lady G to deliver "Man A Bad Man" which got a fair amount of airplay. Then along came the ever popular "Move", all these were done while still at Main Street. The public embraced him, and Hawkeye - the toaster with the hypnotic growls and utterings - had become a household name in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the UK.
However, in the late nineties Hawkeye was faced with a major decision as Danny Browne was now a Christian and started to produce gospel. He had to find a home (musically speaking), where he would be comfortable. He settled at "In The Streetz" Records owned and operated by Byron Murray. Since joining that label, he has scored some of his more prolific hits; "Reality Thing" (inspired by the American Rapper Q-Tip), "Go Rachel", "Just Like We", "Yuh Nuh Beg" and "Money Making Guy". They were followed by songs such as "Twingy Twanga", "Wha Happen Mum", "Nah Do Right", "Hold Up Yuh Han", "Senorita", to name a few. Hawkeye has now parted company with "In The Streetz" and has formed his own company "Twingy Twanga Production", which comes up with his debut album entitled "Bubble & Wine".
The cd is comprised of 18 tracks and features collaborations with successful producers such as Sly & Robbie, Richard "Shams" Browne, Steve "Lenky" Marsden, Rohan "Snowcone" Fuller, Jeremy Harding, Shane Richards and Cordell "Skatta" Burrell, to name a few. Thus we're treated to some real entertaining hit riddims like for example "Tabla", "Famine", Lightning", "Glue", "Rice And Peas" and "Diwali". The latter, currently mashing up the dancefloors and airwaves worldwide, underpins the excellent title track "Bubble & Wine". De-Ses-Si-Mia" across the "Tabla" riddim is another definite highlight as is "Top Ten" over the "Glue" and "La La La" over the "Lightning". But there's more niceness to enjoy as such vibrant dancehall cuts like "All My Ladies", "Kingston Jamaica", "Twingy Twanga" and "Duck It" are included here as well. Also worth of hearing are six self-produced tunes that have not been released before. Sorry Won't Do", "Quick Fi Drew" and "Nuh Tek Man Fi Toy" are strong efforts, while the impressive Thank You Lord" - almost a prayer - deserves careful listening.
This well varied "Bubble & Wine" set showcases Hawkeye's talent to the max.