Busy Signal
VP Records
July 29, 2010

D.O.B. Track list
  1. How U Bad So
  2. Picante
  3. My Money (Money Tree)
  4. Yes Dawg
  5. Busy Latino
  6. Gal Dem Song
  7. Sweet Love (Night Shift)
  8. Hi Grade
  9. Opera
  10. One More Night
  11. Sumn' A Guh Gwaan feat. Bounty Killer
  12. Hair Dresser Shop
  13. Nuh Fraid
  14. Peace Reign
  15. Nuh Boy Caan Buy Wi Out (Accapella)
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Total votes : 10
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Reanno Gordon, better known by his stage name, Busy Signal, hails from St Ann, Jamaica. He has also lived in Tivoli Gardens, Papine, Spanish Town and other areas in West and East Kingston Jamaica and is a past student of Brown's Town Comprehensive High School. Known as one of the artists leading the contemporary dancehall movement, Busy Signal has been a large part of the scene since 2003. Busy's breakout single 'Step Out' was one of the hottest tunes of 2005 and with the accompanying music video, it signalled the arrival of dancehall's next big thing.

He was nicknamed Busy Signal by his friends because of the fact that he is constantly busy. He scored with several massive dancehall tunes. 'Nah Go A Jail Again', 'Smoke Some High Grade', 'Wuk Gal (Pharmacy)', '2 Much Gun', 'Tic Toc' and 'Unknown Number' has made tremendous airplay and dancehall reviews worldwide. His debut album 'Step Out' was released in 2006. It lasted only two years before he presented the follow-up album 'Loaded', a 15 track compilation from VP Records of well known dancehall hits such as 'Jail', 'Whine Pon Di Edge', 'These Are The Days' among others as well as never heard before exclusive tracks such as 'People So Evil' and 'Hustle Hard'.

Busy Signal is also known as one of the most prominent artists of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance along with Mavado, Roderick (ROD) Douglas, Wayne Marshall and Bling Dawg. He was once at odds with fellow dancehall artist Aidonia where both exchange lyrical words but that didn't materialize in a clash. Later in 2008 dancehall artist Vybz Kartel produced various "dis tracks" aimed at Busy Signal and other alliance members, to which Busy responded with a few tracks. Over the years Busy Signal has a become a trendsetter, an artist who does whatever he likes to do, not bound by musical styles and traditions.

On his latest album 'D.O.B.' he picks up where he left off a couple of years back as he displays he still can handle a variety of styles and topics. Opera, latin, techno, reggae, accapella, acoustic and a good amount of dancehall... all of this is here. The album opens with How U Bad So, a typical Busy Signal song as it offers a slight touch of African riddims, techno ans pumping dancehall. Picante has a sinister latin atmosphere, which forms an excellent backdrop to Busy's vocal output. Then there's another Latin flavoured tune. Busy Latino is Busy's interpretation of the reggaeton beat (courtesy of Elvis Crespo's 'Suavemente'), which is infiltrating the dancehalls all over the world.

Dancehall and opera? Busy Signal does it! The combination of a string section and Busy Signal really works out fine, in fact it's one of our favourite tunes on the album. Somehow it reminds us of the 1976 Stevie Wonder tune 'Village Ghetto Land'. He teams up with Bounty Killer for the thought provoking dancehall track Summn' A Guh Gwaan, a song dealing with the negative aspects of society. My Money (Money Tree) is a basic and raw dancehall tune delivered across a basic riddim. More tough dancehall flavours can be heard on Yes Dawg and Nuh Fraid, while Hair Dresser Shop has strong crossover appeal. The Shane C. Brown produced herb track Hi Grade takes the listener back to the late '70s. It's a revitalized version of the 'Stalag' riddim, nowadays called 'Stagalag' riddim.

On the singer's side Busy delivers two remakes. Sweet Love (Night Shift), originally done by The Commodores, and the Phil Collins classic One More Night are given the Busy Signal treatment, with the latter currently being a monster reggae hit. On both songs he sings and toasts as well, which results in a good and an excellent song. The album ends in fine style with Nuh Boy Caan Buy Wi Out (Accapella) where he proves that he can hold one's attention even without a backing instrumental.

The key word here is versatility and if you're willing to follow Busy into his musical territories, we're sure you won't regret it.