Lyrical Faya
Cali P.
Pow Pow Productions - Groove Attack
February 12, 2008

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Redemption
  3. I Consider
  4. High Grade
  5. Keep In Touch
  6. Settle The Score feat. Ras Charmer
  7. Africa
  8. Dung Ya Inna Babylon
  9. Smilin Faces
  10. Stay Positive
  11. African Love feat. Tiwony
  12. Hypocrites
  13. Inna Di Dance
  14. It's Not A Dream feat. Straika D
  15. Take Care Of My Family
  16. Forward
  17. Right And Wrong
  18. Right Time feat. Queen Omega
  19. Got It Deh
  20. Right Around The Corner
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Germany's most popular soundsystem, the mighty Pow Pow Movement in the last couple of years have made a big impression with their productions, 'Celebrate', the outstanding new version of Leslie Kong's riddim used for Desmond Dekker's big international archetypical rude-boy summer hit from 1967, fully benefiting from a clear, bouncing sound and authentic touch 'Shanty Town (Double 'O' Seven)', the wicked live one-drop-riddim 'Blaze', the superb 'Superior'- riddim, the aimed at the bashment massive 'Gladiator', and the very nice new roots riddims 'First Sight' and 'Overstand'. These productions resulted in 7 excellent one riddim sets, "Shanty Town", "Blaze", "Superior", "Gladiator", "Celebrate", "First Sight" and one year ago in "Overstand".

Lately Pow Pow also released their second one-artist album (following 2006's satisfying "King Of Kings" from Elijah Prophet), Zareb's convincing debut album "Authentic Love", before entering 2008, Ingo Rheinbay has released two new roots 7" selections, 'Ruff & Tuff' and 'Follow' and the album "The Pow Pow Triology" concentrating on 3 often on Pow Pow riddims featured Bobo singjays; Turbulence, Jah Mason and Anthony B, contributing some already earlier released tunes and tunes on the just mentioned 2 latest Pow Pow riddims and 2 more fresh riddims. And now Pow Pow Movement release their third one artist album, by Cali P., the Guadeloupe born dancehall singer/singjay living in Switzerland, who delivers an extremely impressive debut set.

After the short "Intro" (in a to me unknown language, but still closely resembling a Nyahbinghi-chant) it's the very impressive "Redemption" over One Love Hi Pawa's 'Acqua'-riddim is followed by the absolutely stunning "I Consider" across Dasvibes Productions' 'Gloria'-riddim and the great ganja-tune "High Grade" across House Of Riddim's 'Tragedy'-riddim. Sam Gilly and his House Of Riddim also provide the backdrop for the next tune "Keep In Touch", a beautiful lovers tune that exploits all the strengths of the 'Slave'-riddim, aided by the angelic female backing vocals lending this tune an even smoother vibe.

Rootdown's Teka takes over musically with the very strong acoustic 'Changes'-riddim for "Settle The Score" alongside Ras Charmer - known to his mother as Curt-Chalmar Crutchley, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica but now also residing in Switzerland - where he performs together with Cali P. and Ras Theo as the 'Wissie Assassiniation Bobo Ashanty' and together with Phat Promo and once more Cali P. as the 'More-Fire Crew' - and then Cali P. comes even closer to resembling (the strong) delivery of Sizzla across dancehall-riddims in "Africa", backed by Switzerland's Scrucialists. Executive producer Ingo Rheinbay of Pow Pow contributes his 'Overstand'-riddim for the truly sweet and upful "Smiling Faces".

Switzerland based Jahdou Productions contribute their 'Mountain'-riddim - laid by Jahdou Production's houseband Vital Roots with a wicked horn section by the Kong Fu Horns (who also added the the horn riffs to Rootdown's 'Changes'-riddim) - for the beautiful "Stay Positive" and another Swiss production outfit DSNSKY Recordz built the hardcore dancehall riddim Cali P. rides very convincingly alongside Tiwony for "African Love". The tough "Hypocrites" is delivered across France's Maj'or Crew's 'Tora Bora'-riddim, followed by two more French productions, "Inna Di Dance" and the very strong conscious "It's Not A Dream" featuring Martinique native Straika D, both produced by Kaprisson. "Take Care Of My Family" is Cali P.'s magnificent take on the acoustic version of Teka's 'Crystal Woman'-riddim, followed by the great Pow Pow produced "Forward" over the 'Superior'-riddim and "Right And Wrong" across 'First Sight'.

The Swiss based Weedy G Soundforce contribute their 'Da Rule'-riddim, the very nice classic one-drop produced by Weedy Gonzales, Mr. Bandito, B-High Selecta and producer Jahdou on which Cali P. teams up very successfully with Trinidad's Queen Omega for the brilliant "Right Time". Hemp Higher Crew's Riga from Geneva, Switzerland produced the hip hop influenced "Got It Deh", that could (including the auto-tune vocals) easily have been produced in Jamaica last week, up-to-di-time-state-of-di-art hardcore dancehall extremely well executed. The last tune on this (I predict) debut album (of the year) is produced by Sweden's KBC Music a.k.a. Jamtech Foundation over their massive retro 'Tsunami Punany'-riddim, with a wicked old school dancehall vibe delivery by Cali P. This album simply is a must buy for (nu-)roots and dancehall aficionados alike, as Cali P. and executive producer Ingo Rheinbay have compiled the best artist album so far for Pow Pow Productions.