Put A Little Jazz In Their Lives
Ciyo Brown
Cadiz Music
CD / Digital Release
November 29, 2014

Track list
  1. Don't Worry Yourself
  2. I'm In The Mood For Love
  3. My Likkle Jamaica
  4. Love Has Found It's Way
  5. Living Inside Your Love
  6. Put A Little Jazz In Their Lives
  7. Flight Of The Icons
  8. A Blessing Waiting To Happen
  9. Message To The Father
  10. Crusin' On The Sea
  11. The Virtue Of Patience
  12. Song For Ernest, Earl & George
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
The integration of Jazz in Reggae Music is a decades long interpretation of natural order. Artists like Ernest Ranglin, Monty Alexander, Tommy McCook, Shake Keane, Tony Greene and Jazz Jamaica have carried this tradition with immeasurable accomplishment. The multi talented CIYO BROWN (The Gentleman Of Jazz) offers a superb blend with his sixth album "Put A Little Jazz In Their Lives". A smooth and enriching set that captivates and cultivates Heart and Soul. Yes, indeed...

CIYO BROWN is a Jamaican born, British raised guitar master who picked up the musical axe at age 9 and has never looked back. His reputation and resume is nothing short of impeccable. Within the Reggae spectrum, he has recorded, performed and toured with the likes of Sir John Holt, Freddie McGregor, Steel Pulse (guitar of "Victims" album), Aswad, Sly & Robbie, Bob Andy, "Chinna" Smith, Carroll Thompson, Winston Reedy (the list is endless). He has worked with incredible talent in other genres like Annie Lennox, Billy Paul, Ronnie Laws, Talvin Singh and Sonny Okunsun; to name just a few. His contribution to the music world is immense and undeniable. His close association to the legend George Benson is a huge inspiration and it translates in his approach. His diverse and top ranking albums include "Somewhere Out-There", "Natural Mystic", "So Inviting" and "Borderline". He has numerous projects; presently he tours as "World Music Acoustic Trio" with legends Colin McNeish and Lenny Edwards. Mr. Brown's humble yet progressive approach is applauding.

This set features a dynamic roster of musicians. Ciyo handles vox and guitar. Additional guitar is provided by Peter Lewis and Stanley Andrews. Drums are kicked by Kendrick Rowe (Jazz Jamaica) and Perry Melius. Great key work from Riccardo Reid, Michael Martin, Adrian McKenzie, "Buckshot" Willocks and Carl Hudson. Bassies are Colin McNeish (legend!) and Wayne Nunes (legend!). Granite horn section from saxman MICHAEL "BAMI" ROSE and Kevin Robinson on trumpet. Percussion magic from Lenny Edwards and Lili Ioncheva. Backing vox from J.C. Lodge (yes), Mandy Lecointe, Heidi Vogel and The Divettes. Just a massive ensemble of talent.

Don't Worry Yourself is like a flowing river. Ciyo is dynamic on guitar and his vocal style evokes memories of The Investigators magic. Peter Lee plays the rhythm guitar here. All around great atmosphere! I'm In The Mood For Love has been covered by Lord Tanamo and here it's easy snapping with Bami Rose sax magic and slight George Benson vocalisms from Ciyo. This man can sing and his guitar does some serious talking also. Divine drum and key work here. My Likkle Jamaica sizzles! Ciyo delivers a guitar style in the same caliber as Mr. Ernest Ranglin. Along with great work from Mr. Rose and great backing vox, this is a great example of how well Ciyo orchestrates a tune. Boom! Dennis Brown's Love Has Found It's Way has been revisited many times in the past. Well, Ciyo does it verily so. Along with great kicks from Kendrick Rowe and bass from Colin McNeish, Ciyo transforms it into a beautiful intertwining of Jazz/Reggae standard-straight up, no chaser. Living Inside Your Love features great guitar from Ciyo, superior bass from Wayne Nunes and percussive magic from Lenny Edwards. A progressive song that is instant rewind! Another example of "talking guitar". Mr. Brown is a maestro indeed. The title track is full joy! Ciyo offers us Hope with fine chatting and George Benson nuances. Awesome guitar licks and organ work here.

Flight Of The Icons soars mightily! Intricate guitar work and seasoned percussion stand predominant here. Top shelf track! A Blessing Waiting To Happen is a true song of upliftment courtesy of Ciyo's heartfelt lyrics and skanking musical backbone. The inspiration continues with Message To The Father. With subtle tones, the listener is convincingly taken to a higher place with style. Cruisin' On The Sea is smooth! We are treated to backing vox that include J.C. Lodge ("Telephone Love") and is a great interpretation inna Lovers Rock vein. The keyboard soloist here is Lex Cameron. A flowing yet polished affair that nices up the area! The Virtue Of Patience is a showcase of the absolute master talent of Ciyo and his well tight ensemble! Song For Ernest, Earl & George is pure brilliance. A homage to Ernest Ranglin, Earl Klugh and George Benson (three the masterful way); the spotlight is on Ciyo and he delivers guitar power that ranks as the absolute best you will ever hear. Yes, it's that good. So much depth and experience in these fingers! Amazing closing track!!

CIYO BROWN's "Put A Little Jazz In Their Lives" is a winner in all aspects and respects. The level of musicianmanship and classic interpretation is profound in a very, very great way. Ciyo Brown has earned his credentials through sheer determination and unwavering Love for music. It's overproof he loves and respects real Reggae Music and the method in which he intertwines that with Jazz deserves the highest attention. A masterful album through and through. A must for any music lover's collection! Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!