C.B. 200
September 1976

Track list
  1. C.B. 200
  2. No Chuck It with Rod Taylor
  3. Cokane In My Brain
  4. The General
  5. Power Bank
  6. Plantation Heights
  7. Race Day
  8. Natty Kick Like Lightning
  9. Buckingham Palace
  10. Crankface
"Jamaica, de land of wood and water, now becomes motor vechicle and manslaughter," declares Dillinger at the intro of "No Chuck It", "so Idrens and daughter don`t be like John Slaughter yaah. . ." He says "Peace, love and unity is the foundation of any community". That`s his message. Dillinger, falling back now, rushed to the front of the talkers` popularity stakes last year with the 45 "C.B. 200", taking a few other toasters with him. His forte is his simply brilliantly improvised, rhyming, jive talk, an asset of speech received from ghetto life. This combined with the right cultural/social observations, is dynamite. Dillinger, with his strong voice, and quick sense of humour, has manipulated his assets to excellent effect on this album but not enough times. Only "The General," "No Chuck It," "Buckingham Palace," and "Crankface" contain the ingredients that Dillinger ought to be using in his commentaries. Thus, though this is a good LP to listen to simply because of Dilli`s voice, his humour, and some good rydims, the material fails to do him justice on the whole. But listen to "Buckingham Palace" and you`ll see what I mean about the right ingredients.