Nothing Can Stop Us
Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers
Strut Records
August 3, 2013

Track list
  1. Nothing Can Stop Us
  2. Conqueror
  3. I'll Never Leave
  4. With You My Heart Belongs
  5. It's Not For Me
  6. Ode To Joy (Babylon Can't Control I)
  7. We Want To Be Free
  8. Good Direction
  9. Never Give Up
  10. There's A Fire
  11. Jah Jah Me No Born Yah
  12. Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
It's not too often when a Foundation artist offers Creation not one, but two releases of classic proportions in the span of a couple of months. That man is Cornell Campbell, whose recent "New Scroll" has garnered international acclaim with his floating and ethereal Falsetto. He has come back again with the equally massive "Nothing Can Stop Us"; a unique collaboration with U.K. extraordinaires, The Soothsayers. German label Strut Records has released this work of art and it's hit bound - internationally...

Cornell's career started in the 1950's and his influence has impacted every facet of Jamaican music since. He has worked with virtually every prolific producer and has adapted to every trend with tenacity. Even in the Digital Age, he was able to juggle Jammy's riddims to perfection. He has mentored such legends as the late Slim Smith and Jacob Miller and even Robbie Shakespeare. Refer to "New Scroll" review for more details on this legend. Most recently, his performance at this year's Sierra Nevada World Music Festival will be etched in the massive's minds for many years!

The Soothsayers are a mighty collective from Brixton who are highly regarded on the European live circuit. On stage, they've backed such artists as U-Roy, Earl 16, Cornell, Mad Professor and Rico. In studio, they've put out GREAT work with Linval Thompson, Johnny Clarke and Michael Prophet. The unit consists of Robin Hopcroft-trumpet,vox/ Idris Rahman-sax,keys,vox/ Horseman-drums/ Kodjovi Kush-bass/ Kishon Khan-keys/ Patrick Hatchett, Phil Dawson-guitars and Harry Brown-trombone. The recordings took place at Bunny Lee's Studio(JA) and at Red Earth (Soothsayers' studio) and Iron Works (Brighton), to name a few. There's fantastic mixing by Manasseh, Wrongtom, Yesking, Ticklah and Rohan Dwyer. This project started when Soothsayers' members went to Yard to seek out Cornell with "We're Not Leaving" in hand. Magically, Bunny Lee appears out of nowhere and one minute later, Cornell was on the phone. The resulting "I'll Never Leave" created such a stir, that a full project was only natural.

The title track starts the show with a blast. An early Reggae riddim blessed with the powerful horn section allows Cornell to clearly have fun and let his falsetto create a joyful celebration of music and Life - dynamic song. Conqueror is an Acid-Jazz tinged rocker that's ably held together by Kodjovi's muscular basslines. Cornell rightfully boasts he is the controller - "To conquer Hate is Victory". I'll Never Leave (the song that started it all) is powerful! A flawless riddim with triumphant horns is the platform for Cornell's homage to Jamaica and his love of Creation. Great mixing by Nick "Manasseh" Raphael! With You My Heart Belongs is one of the most memorable Love songs of Cornell's career. Over a classic 70's riddim with Dubby atmosphere, he flings so much raw emotion that it will bring tears to your eyes; fe real. It's Not For Me is a progressive structure. Horseman's taut drumming and the guitar licks from Dawson/Hatchett are truly unique and in sync. Cornell can conquer any riddim! He rules this riddim with authority and the overall ambience is just amazing.

Ode To Joy (Babylon Can't Control I) is classic Cornell. Riding a truly muscular and tight riddim, he creates an anthem for the ages. The backing vox of Hopcroft, Rahman and Julia Biel add a slight Aswad chorus vibe - nice. We Want To Be Free is a JAHzzy affair with Dub atmosphere that truly flows. The incessant drum patterns and guest Trevor Edwards' trombone add to the unity of this band. Cornell's poetic magic flows like a thundering waterfall and the Dub overtones are tasty. Good Direction is trademark Cornell. Riding a riddim that will take you back to the mid 70's; singer and players of instruments are bubblin' like a fountain of Truth. Never Give Up is a Rocking tune with massive guitar and organ licks. Cornell reminds us to stay strong with the help of strong backing vox. There's A Fire is THE standout selection here. A classic Cornell Love song accentuated by immaculate horn riffs and everything in the right place - flawless to the max. You'll play this yah one again and again. This song is INCREDIBLE!!! Cornell revisits Jah Jah Me No Born Yah in wicked style. This anthem mashed up the place many years ago and he does it again with true conviction. There's a Prince Fatty feel to this one (Ironworks Studio) and the mixing by Ticklah is impressive. The Dub is great and is given the classic treatment (Thankfully) and is graced with JAHzzy overtones. Nice closer!

"Nothing Can Stop Us" is how a true legend can link with a younger and extremely talented unit and deliver a classic package. It's all here in absolute authenticity - no gimmicks, no partiality, no shortcuts. After listening, you can tell that all involved were committed and truly enjoyed what each bredrin and sistren brought to the table. Mammoth release that you will thoroughly enjoy. Do not miss out on this one! Go deh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!