Colah Colah
Basco Production / Elevation Records
Digital Release
Februari 27, 2016

Track list
  1. Power Of Music feat. Andrew Tosh
  2. Reggae Music feat. Rapha Pico
  3. The Blessing feat. Derrick Parker
  4. Message Of Love feat. Algebra
  5. Father Moses feat. Luciano
  6. Hot Steppa Peppa feat. I Jah I Ruff
  7. No Cigarette feat. Kandi Man
  8. Rasta Formula feat. Kananga
  9. Dem Nah Care feat. Natural Black
  10. Make It Better feat. Mr Punishment & Fyah George
  11. Want It All feat. Iyashanti
  12. Live As One feat. Silvertone, Tony Forrest, Super Black & Jr Vibes
  13. Hail Up His Majesty feat. Lady Eq
  14. Part To Play feat. Blae Minott, Stadaday & Patrick Andy
  15. Red Red Red feat. Zareb
  16. Protect Me feat. John Serial & Sgt Juggler
  17. Togetherness feat. Junior V
  18. Undeniable Love feat. Singing D
  19. Glory Hallelujah feat. Mikey General
  20. The More You Want From Life feat. Natty King
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Take four appealing riddims from your previous albums, invite fellow Jamaican artists as well as some from Europe and the U.S. to record a collaboration tune with you, and put them all together on an album. In short, that's the story behind "Togetherness", the title of the latest release from Colah Colah. Can't think of any other album in reggae history that utilized the same concept, so in that respect it's a truly unique set.

The first five tunes are done over a solid remake of the riddim that underpinned Dennis Brown's 1978 released "To The Foundation". Two of these tracks were featured on Colah Colah's album "One Love Unity Network Volume 1" from 2014, namely the solid "Father Moses" aka "Great Men" featuring the Messenjah Luciano and the slightly better "The Blessing" with fine singer Derrick Parker. A third song, the excellent "Power Of Music", previously appeared as a single. Besides the worthy contribution of Andrew Tosh, it features the sultry harmony vocals of Buju Banton's sister Adine Myrie, which add a tasty soulful vibe. Vocally Colah Colah and Dutch reggae singer Rapha Pico blend well together, but unfortunately lyrically their song "Reggae Music" is a waste of time.

The second riddim was featured on Colah Colah's "Unstoppable" album, where it backed the collaboration with Natural Black called "Don't Care" aka "Dem Nah Care" (with the chorus sung in a style reminiscent of The Techniques Treasure Isle classic "You Don't Care"). "Hot Steppa Peppa" featuring to us unknown I Jah I Ruff is a decent effort and so is "Make It Better", for which Colah Colah teamed up with Fyah George & Mr. Punishment. However the best cut on this riddim is "No Cigarette". The latter features reggae veteran Kandi Man, who in the past has voiced material for many of Jamaica's leading and legendary music producers including Coxsone Dodd, Augustus Pablo, Jack Ruby, and King Tubby. In the late '90s he re-styled his singing to the wailing tones of Bob Marley and in 2006 Kandi Man received the coveted opportunity to tour the world with the Original Wailers. The second best cut is the cultural "Rasta Formula", done in collaboration with Kananga.

Riddim number three was used for Colah Colah's solid roots piece "Red Red Red", to be found on the "Unstoppable" set, which now is updated with Zareb's contribution. This part of the album takes off with "Want It All", which features roots singer Iyashanti whom we know from his recordings for Richard 'Bello' Bell's Star Trail label in the second half of the '90s. Actuallly this standout tune heads the strongest and most balanced part of this album. All five cuts on the riddim have their own merit and are above par. Besides the aforementioned "Want It All", it's "Live As One" and also "Hail Up His Majesty" that belong to our personal favourites.

The album is rounded off with five cuts on another revitalized classic riddim. Originally being the riddim from the Silvertones' Sudio One scorcher "Smile", here it's the version used for Garnet Silk's hit song "Hello Mama Africa" that underpins the nice praising song "Glory Hallilujah" with Mikey General and "The More You Want From Life" with Natty King, a song worth hearing over and over again. Both tunes are also known from the "One Love Unity Network Volume 1" set. The title track "Togetherness" was a solo effort on the 2015 released album "Unstoppable", but here it re-appears as a combination tune with the Italian artist Junior V. Unfortunately this one is a weaker version than the initial piece, which was one of the highlights on that aforementioned album. A worthy addition to the already known songs is "Protect Me", which features real nice contributions from unknown artists John Serial and Sgt. Juggler.

Although this collection of tunes surely has enough entertaining moments, some kind of boredom can set in when you play it in the regular way. To avoid that, choose the shuffle play option and enjoy this album to fullest.