Hot Like We (EP)
Kingstone Records - Groove Attack
May 01, 2009

Track list
  1. Hot Like We
  2. Hot Like We (DJ Rubixxx RMX - Radio Edit)
  3. Hot Like We (Jr. Blender RMX)
  4. Hot Like We (Benni Blanco RMX)
  5. Hot Like We (Teddy O RMX)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Three versions have been released of CÚCile's debut album. Released September 2007 as "Bad Gyal" but with a different (also only 15 tunes) tracklist exclusively in Japan on Avex Records, then Cologne based German soundsystem and label Kingstone in collaboration with the Danger Zone camp - to which CÚCile these days belongs - put out the excellent "Bad Gyal" album. And then a different version of the album called "Waiting" was released by CÚCile's own camp, Delmar 'Della Danger' Drummond's Dangerzone a.k.a. Danger Zone Camp in association with SoBe Entertainment.

Kingstone Records also released the excellent "Goody (EP)" one year ago and now venture again into releasing a single taken from the album. The scorcher "Hot Like We", produced by the South Rakkas Crew, across one of their first riddims 'Red Alert' that was released almost 6(!) years ago, still carries the swing not only in German and European dancehalls, but also in discotheques and clubs without ever being officially released as a single. And that has resulted in the release of CÚCile's "Hot Like We" as a Maxi-CD that features 4 wonderful remixes as well.

The first "Hot Like We (DJ Rubixxx RMX - Radio Edit)" is a great almost Italo-house remix of the tune that works extremely nice with its piano chords and synth melodies on top, followed by the extremely heavy (slow walking) bass and electro-bleeps driven impressive "Hot Like We (Jr. Blender RMX)". The hip hop roots of hip hop and (dancehall)reggae producer and remixer Benni 'Blanco' Bazzazian are clearly audible in the "Hot Like We (Benni Blanco RMX)" before this extremely entertaining Maxi-CD is brought to a close by Cologne based Jam FM radio-jock, remixer and producer Teddy-O with this very fine urban "Hot Like We (Teddy-O RMX)". A very fine Kingstone release of an old CÚCile hittune in some very nice completely new remixes.