California Dubbin'
Chuck Foster
Catch Me Time Records
CD / Digital Release
June 28, 2016

Track list
  1. Dubbing Fine
  2. Roll Of The Dice Version
  3. Trouble In Dub
  4. Love Dub
  5. Putting Out Dub
  6. Dub Without Apology
  7. Dubbing In The Rasta Shop
  8. Strategic Version
  9. Dub Creation
  10. Right Or Wrong Dub
  11. Dub Tribute
  12. Money Gone Dub
  13. Dub Country
  14. Empty Basket Dub
  15. California Dubbin'
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Many many years ago, Augustus Pablo told me about a sound track that he did for the "Rockers" film. Pablo was very proud of it. It remains to this day unreleased. However it can be heard if you dig around.

What it is, is a fifth Rockers sound. Channel One, Joe Gibbs, Bunny Lee and Lee Perry, all created their own sounds within the Rockers era. Pablo's sound was different again, but the sound of this soundtrack was even more different. Tommy Cowan locked onto the sound for releases on Talent and Arab. It was a more textured Rockers sound.

Some 40 years later, Chuck Foster and Mike Irwin working out of Rough Sounds in Redondo Beach CA, have brought forward this sound again. Trying to get a good dub sound is not easy anywhere in the world. What Tubby and Co did back then was to make something very complex look very easy. Re-creating a sound like this 'Rockers' by design or by accident, deserves total praise!!!

A tremendous dub set - 15 tracks. A very well produced work.