Heart And Soul
Clinton Fearon
Boogie Down Productions / Chapter Two Records
March 2, 2012

Clinton Fearon Track list
  1. One Love
  2. Let Jah Be Praised
  3. Chatty Chatty Mouth
  4. Follow The Rainbow
  5. Marvel Not
  6. Untrue Girl
  7. On The Other Side
  8. Stop Before You Go
  9. Richman Poorman
  10. Streets Of Freedom
  11. Jah Almighty
  12. I'm Not Crying
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Clinton Fearon was born in St. Andrew and grew up deep in the hills of St.Catherine, Jamaica. He discovered music singing alone among the trees and later singing at the Adventist church in the country. He settled in Kingston when he was about 16, working on the roads and playing music for himself. At the end of 1969 Clinton Fearon met Errol Grandisson, who was looking for a guitarist to replace David Webber inside The Gladiators. Fearon passed an audition with Albert Griffiths and became the third Gladiator at the age of 18. He was a member during 18 years, playing bass, singing harmonies, and, alongside Albert Griffiths, writing and singing some of the most beautiful songs of the group such as Chatty Chatty Mouth, Richman Poorman, On The Other Side, Can You Imagine How I Feel, Let Jah Be Praised, Streets Of Freedom and many more. He also was a house musician for Coxsonne Dodd's Studio One and Lee 'Scratch' Perry's Black Ark Studio, and composed many lasting bass lines for Yabby You, Jimmy Riley, Max Romeo, Junior Byles, to name but a few.

After touring the US in 1987 he settled in Seattle and co-founded the reggae band The Defenders. He released his first compilation of original songs, 'Feel the Spirit', in 1990. In 1994, 'Disturb The Devil', a collection of 13 songs written and produced by Fearon, quickly received critical acclaim around the globe. The album 'Mystic Whisper' was released in early 1997 and once again proved Fearon's versatility as he delivered a variety of themes in the sweet style that has become his signature. The album 'What A System' mixed by renown Jamaican engineer, Scientist, was released in June 1999. A double CD with a full disc of dub, it garnered four star reviews worldwide. 'Soon Come' was released in May 2002 and was quickly named Album of the Month in September 2002 by French reggae publication, Ragga. In 2004 came the release of the 'Live At Reggae Bash' DVD, a live performance from Lyon, France, capturing Clinton Fearon's charismatic and powerful live show. That same year saw the release of the highly acclaimed 'Give And Take' set.

'Mi An' Mi Guitar' released in 2005, is Fearon's brilliant acoustic collection. It demonstrated that his spirit and songwriting skills could stand tall all alone (just "mi and mi guitar"). Critics compared Fearon's artistry in 'Mi An' Mi Guitar' to Picasso's. November 2006 saw the release of 'Vision' with Clinton Fearon's message full of hope. For the first time since Gladiators, he was playing his bass lines on his own songs. 'Vision' also counted Nelson Miller (drummer with Burning Spear) on drums and Winston Watson (Meditations) to complete the harmonies alongside Ire. Still on bass, Clinton Fearon released his first dub album in 2008, 'Faculty Of Dub'. In 2010 he presented his masterpiece, 'Mi Deh Yah'.

With his current album 'Heart And Soul', he returns to the album 'Mi An' Mi Guitar' and delivers another stunning collection of acoustic reggae tunes. On this album he adds a few instruments like an acoustic bass and we hear some percussion instruments as well, but his voice is the most important instrument here! Most songs include fantastic backing vocals. The mood of the album is one of authenticity, warmth and joy. It took Clinton Fearon 6 days to record the album and 3 more days for the production. He was alone with his sound engineer Mell Detmer at Aleph studios in Seattle. The album offers a bunch of acoustic do-overs of well-known Gladiators tunes. The opening tune One Love was included on the 1982 set, 'Reggae To Bone'. Let Jah Be Praised appeared on the 1979 'Sweet So Till' album, while the popular Chatty Chatty Mouth comes from the excellent 1976 'Trenchtown Mix Up' album. In 1982 The Gladiators recorded the album 'Back To Roots'. The project was the brainchild of a young Frenchman, Jacky Knafo, who then managed The Gladiators and promoted their very first tour in Europe. From that album Clinton takes three songs Richman, Poorman, Follow The Rainbow and Streets Of Freedom. From 'Proverbial Reggae' comes Marvel Not and Stop Before You Go.

It's obvious that 'Heart And Soul' isn't an ordinary reggae album as it goes back to the pure roots of reggae and music in general... guitar, bass and voices, nothing more nothing less... and it sounds so good!!