Clinton Fearon
Kool Yu Foot
April 18, 2009

Track list
  1. Livin' Is An Art
  2. Dutty Gun
  3. Sleepin' Lion
  4. Vision
  5. Love's Knockin'
  6. Feelin' The Same
  7. Jah Knows His People
  8. Run Come Rally
  9. Find A Way
  10. Life Is Not Always Easy
  11. Why You Treat I So
  12. I Won't Give In
  13. Bellyfull
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Anyone who regularly takes time to listen to the great roots reggae albums that were produced in the mid-1970s, when artists such as Burning Spear, The Abyssinians, Junior Byles, The Royals, Israel Vibration and The Gladiators were becoming household names amongst a growing group of international reggae fans, should definitely check Clinton Fearon's "Vision" set as well as his other album releases with the Boogie Brown Band.

On his previous released albums "Mystic Whisper" and " What A System", Clinton "Basie" Fearon, former member of the original Gladiators, upholded the values and the tradition of roots reggae, and "Vision" is no exception. This truly outstanding album contains thirteen tracks of pure undiluted roots reggae music, showing that Clinton Fearon's voice and songwriting has remained strong throughout the years. All tracks gathered here feature riddims played by real musicians including Nelson Miller on drums, Jeff DeMelle on bass, Barbara Kennedy on piano and organ, Mark Oi on lead guitar, Leif Dalan on organ, Izaak Mills on sax and flute, Bill Jones on trumpet, Chris Stover on trombone, Ire' on percussion, and of course Clinton Fearon himself on bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and percussion. Also worth of mentioning are the superb harmonies of Clinton Fearon, Ire' (Culture) and Winston Watson (The Meditations) that can be heard on tracks 1, 4, 8 and 10, which are reminiscent of tunes done by the great roots groups from which these artists first hailed.

There isn't a weak track on this set and it's truly great to listen to this album from beginning to end over and over again. To point out the standouts is almost impossible with each track having its own merit and being of above par quality. Thus we can only sum up the tunes that belong to our personal favourites. These include the wonderful album opener "Livin' Is An Art", "Dutty Gun", "Sleepin' Lion", "I Won't Give In", "Jah Know His People", "Find A Way", and the Marley-esque "Feelin' The Same". The instrumental track "Bellyfull" with its nice horn parts and wicked bassline, rounds off "Vision" in very fine style.

It lasted three years (!) before this album reached us, but we have to admit that the wait has been worthwhile because it's a real joy to listen to this wonderful collection of roots reggae music.