Songbook ` Chapter A Day
Jacob Miller
VP Records/Walboomers Music
20- 09 - 1999

Track list

    "Disc 1"

  1. Intro
  2. Forward Jah Jah Children (remix featuring Luciano)
  3. Westbound Train (remix featuring Freddie McGregor)
  4. Your Kiss Is Sweet (remix featuring Red Rat)
  5. Curfew (remix featuring Kymani Marley)
  6. I've Got The Handle (remix featuring Tony Rebel)
  7. Here I Am Baby (remix featuring General Degree)
  8. Standing Firm (remix featuring Sanchez)
  9. Tenement Yard
  10. All Night Till Day Light
  11. Mixed Up Moods
  12. Tired Fe Lick Weed
  13. Take A Lift
  14. Once Upon A Time
  15. Forward Ever Backward Never
  16. Discipline Child

    "Disc 2"

  17. Chapter A Day
  18. Shakey Girl
  19. Mr. Brown
  20. Jolly Joseph
  21. Sinners
  22. Roman Soldiers Of Babylon
  23. Mr. Officer
  24. 80,000 Careless Ethiopians
  25. Healing Of A Nation
  26. Suzy Wong
  27. I Shall Be Released
  28. Unfinished Symphony
  29. We A Rockers
  30. I'm A Rastaman
  31. Peace Treaty
  32. Westbound Train (original)
  33. Forward Jah Jah Children (original)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5
For many years Jacob Miller served as front man of the popular group Inner Circle. However, he's best remembered for his solo outings during the golden era of reggae music. He died in a car crash along Hope Road on March 23, 1980. His death shocked the entire nation and the music fraternity internationally. He was an artist whose music was filled with social commentary that highlighted the serious problems within the Jamaican ghettos. He became the peoples voice with many controversial topics. As a youth he hung out with musicians and singers and recorded with artists such as Carlton And His Shoes, The Cables, Ken Boothe, The Heptones, Bob Andy and Jackie Mittoo at Coxsone Dodd's legendary Studio One. He recorded several albums, the two hit albums 'Tenement Yard' and 'Wanted Killer Miller', being his most popular sets.
This double cd collects most of his greatest hits. Disc One contains 7 remixed versions featuring some of today's most in-demand artists. After Tommy Cowan's intro over Jacob's 'Bionic Skank', Luciano joins 'brother Jacob' on an excellent remixed version of Jah Jah Children. On Disc Two you'll find the original cut of this song. Next comes the combination Freddie Mcgregor and Jacob Miller, tackling Westbound Train. The original track is found on Disc Two. Dancehall deejay Red Rat combines pretty well with Jacob on the uptempo lovers track Your Kiss Is Sweet, which is produced by Danny Brownie. The following track is one of the many highlights of the couble cd. Here he delivers, alongside Bob Marley's son Kymani, a stunning version of Bob's 'Burning And Looting', retitled Curfew. Tony Rebel alongside Jacob deliver a superb version of The Heptones' I've Got The Handle across the original riddim track Jacob Miller used in the 70s. Producer Danny Brownie links General Degree up with Jacob, using a firm dancehall beat, in Al Brown's Here I Am Baby. The last remix (across the original riddim) features the golden voice of Sanchez. His voice combines very well with Jacob's powerful vocal delivery. The rest of the songs on Disc One are well known hit tunes, and the disc closes with a live interpretation of Discipline Child
Disc Two contains 17 excellent tracks by Jacob Miller (and Inner Circle). Most of the songs found here are his best loved tunes, ranging from rootical sides such as Sinners, Mr. Officer, Healing Of The Nation and 80,000 Careless Ethiopians to popular lovers tunes like the lovely Suzy Wong, Mr. Brown and Shakey Girl. Also featured here is the classic rockers anthem We A Rockers, alongside the ultimate 'call for peace' song Peace Treaty and the rasta testimony I'm A Rastaman across Bob marley's 'Soul Rebel' riddim.
Most reggae lovers will already love and have most of the tunes of this double cd, but the addition of the excellent remixed versions and the sheer quality of Jacob Miller's outings makes this album a must buy.