Cocaine In My Brain
Trojan Records

Track list
  1. Cocaine In My Brain
  2. Jah Love
  3. Funkey Punk
  4. Mickey Mouse Crab Louse
  5. I Thirst
  6. Loving Pauper
  7. Flat Foot Hustlin'
  8. Crab In My Pants
  9. Marijuana In My Brain
  10. Headquarters
  11. Tighten Up Skank
  12. Cane River Rock
  13. Uncle Charlie
  14. John Devour
  15. Skanking
  16. Connection
  17. Mid East Rock
  18. Ensome City Skank
  19. Ensome City Dub
  20. Me Na Tell A Man
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4
Dillinger aka Lloyd (Lester) Bullock surfaced on the Jamaican soundsystem circuit in the early seventies witha unique style of toasting using the micrphone to expound complete stories, his subject matter running the gamut of youth culture. Dennis Alcapone spotted the talents of the young deejay and invited him to perform an occasional slot with El Paso Sound. Lee Perry spotted the talents of the young deejay and recorded Dillinger riding some of his best-know riddims, which included 'Tighten Up' (Tighten Up Skank and Cane River Rock), Three Blind Mice (Ensome City Skank) and 'You Can Run' (Mid East Rock).
Soon he started recording for a variety of producers such as Joe Gibbs, Tony Robinson, Lloyd Campbell, Augustus pablo, Bunny Lee and Coxsone Dodd, who in 1975, issued Dillinger's excellent debut set 'Ready Natty Dreadie'. Soon after Dillinger started working with Channel One producers JoJo HooKim, with their collaborations resulting in a slew of fine sides (including the smash hit 'Cocaine In My Brain'), which were gathered on the highly acclaimed LP 'CB 2000'.
The international success of the single 'Cocaine in My Brain' led to a contract with A&M Records, but the following sides proved dissapointing and Dillinger was dropped from A&M's artist roster. As the eighties progressed Dillinger gradually withdrew from the music business.
This 20 track compilation collects the LP 'Cocaine' and eleven tracks from the vaults of producer Lee Perry. The Lee Perry sides (tracks 10-20) show a young Dillinger, still under the influence of Daddy U Roy and Dennis Alcapone. The first nine tracks see Dillinger as a mature artist, riding some heavy riddims. Noteworthy tracks are Jah Love, Micke Mouse Crab Louse across Leroy Smart's 'Mr. Smart', and the absolute killer track on the album I Thirst, which is Dillinger's over the top rendition of Lone Ranger's 'Barnabas Collins' complete with wacky sound effects and vocal interruptions.
Wicked and wild compilation !