Cock Mouth Kill Cock
The Congos
Explorer Music
June 12, 2006

Track list
  1. Cock Mouth
  2. God's Kingdom
  3. Watch And Pray
  4. Grandma Say
  5. River Beng Come Down
  6. Citizen Of The World
  7. Some A Thief
  8. Rasta She Want
  9. Rastafari Is His Name
  10. Heaven Rejoice
  11. Out Of The Clouds
  12. Chasing Dreams
  13. Throw Down Your Armour
  14. Take It To The Max
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 2
Mention The Congos to any reggae fan and, no doubt, he will instantly refer to their masterpiece "Heart Of The Congos", which they recorded with legendary producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, way back in 1977. Since the release of that incredible collection of tunes they have put out very few albums, most of them lacking the brilliance, the beauty and the quality of the debut set. Despite using the name The Congos these albums weren't recorded by the original trio Watty Burnett, Roydel Johnson (aka Congo Ashanti Roy) and Cedric Myton, but rather solo efforts from the latter. Yet in 2005, Young Tree Records released "Give Them The Rights", a strong album with Cedric Myton returning to form with a strong set of songs.

2006's "Cock Mouth Kill Cock" -- a Jamaican proverb that essentially means: "watch what you say, it could be your undoing -- is a worthy follow up to the aforementioned "Give Them The Rights" album. "Cock Mouth Kill Cock" contains fruits of sessions conducted between Cedric Myton and vintage producer Bunny "Striker" Lee. The listener is treated to a fine selection of new songs voiced by Cedric "Congo" Myton over original recordings of classic reggae riddims from the seventies and early eighties, like Johnny Clarke's "Crazy Baldhead", "Satta Massa Ganna", the original "Stalag", Alton Ellis' "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" and many more, which recalls the spirit captured by the "Heart Of The Congos" set. Some tracks included here have already appeared on 7" and 10" singles. Vocally Cedric Myton is joined by the late Brent Dowe (member of the Melodians) for a powerful set of harmonised vocal statements with a strong Rasta message. Standouts are the folky-gospel song "Grandma Say", "God's Kingdom,", "Rasta She Want", "Rastafari Is His Name", "Chasing Dreams", "Watch And Pray", "River Beng Come Down", "Some A Thief", and the prophetic "Citizen Of The World".

Cedric Myton's inimitable falsetto shines bright and the whole set is most heartfelt and meaningful. Highly recommended if you are interested in classic roots reggae.

NOTE: Kingston Sounds has released this same collection of tunes in Europe and named the album "Feast".