Tune In
Cocoa Tea
June 17, 2007

Cocoa Tea Feat. Charlie Chaplin - Tune In Track list
  1. Tune In
  2. Mek Dem A Gwaan So
  3. Love Me Truly
  4. Good Life
  5. Don't You Burn
  6. She Loves Me Now
  7. Over The Years
  8. Caan Touch Dis
  9. Sinner Burning feat. Charlie Chaplin
  10. Hot Sweet Cocoa Tea
  11. Criminality
  12. Eighteen And Over
  13. Don't Turn It Off feat. Charlie Chaplin
  14. Head Of Government feat. Charlie Chaplin (12 Inch Mix)
  15. Too Young feat. Buju Banton (12 Inch Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Cocoa Tea was born Calvin George Scott in Kingston Jamaica on September 3,1959. He began his career as a teenager from the exposure gained by singing in church and school choirs, recording his first song, "Searching In The Hills", in 1974. With no success, he worked the next five years as a race horse jockey. He got back into music by working with various sound systems, and Cocoa Tea began to gain notice for his work in the dancehalls. He released his first album, "Wha Them A Go Do, Can't Stop Cocoa Tea" on Lawes' Volcano label in 1985. Over the next three years he recorded four albums all filled with solid production and songs by this lyrically conscious singer with producers Lloyd 'King Jammys' James ("The Marshall" and "Come Again"), and the Firehouse label. He hit big in 1989 with "Who She Love" for King Jammys when teamed up with the current top dancehall DJ/rapper of the time, Shabba Ranks, and singer Home T (Mikey Bennett of the Home T Four). The trio then also worked for 'Gussie' Clarke's Music works label and recorded "Pirates Anthem" that was a massive worldwide reggae hit that year.

Greensleeves is doing a good job with re-releasing a lot of classic albums, and one of their latest is Cocoa Tea's "Tune In". The album kicks off with the popular song Tune In, a great tune which comes across the classic and wicked 'Far East" riddim. Mek Dem A Gwaan So is a strong song with powerful lyrics. Cocoa Tea is an artist who uses a lot of famous riddims, and on Good Life the "Party Time" riddim leaps off the speakers. This great Heptones riddim with on top Cocoa Tea's sweet sweet voice makes this a stand out track. Over The Years is a hit with lyrics about the problems of today's world that, unfortunately, still are up-to-date. Hot Sweet Cocoa Tea shows why he earned the name Sweet Sweet Cocoa Tea. Criminality which is almost similar to Black Uhuru's "Solidarity" is also one of the outstanding tunes on this album. Eighteen And Over reminds of "Go Home Soundboy", the smooth bassline in this tune can't stop you form turning the bass up. Head of Government featuring Charlie Chaplin is a strong 12" remix of Over The Years. For the first time on cd the 12" version with the dub Too Young, a cut of 18 and Over featuring Buju Banton.

If you have missed the original cd, here's your chance to purchase this re-release which is a must-have collection of tunes for every old skool dancehall fan.