Collie Buddz
Collie Buddz
August 12, 2000

Track list
  1. Come Around
  2. Blind To You
  3. Defend Your Own with Krayzie Bone
  4. Tomorrow's Another Day
  5. Mamacita
  6. Wild Out
  7. Lonely with Yung Berg
  8. What A Feeling with Paul Wall
  9. Movin' On
  10. Sensimillia with Roache
  11. Let Me Know
  12. My Everything
  13. Love Deh
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Total votes : 59
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Late last year Bermuda-born singjay Collie Buddz (born Colin Harper) has been making quite an impact with his old-fashioned ganja anthem "Come Around", which famously samples Zap Pow's "Last War". This bouncy, catchy, feel-good ode to the powers of herbal intoxicants stormed the charts in Europe, the US, Jamaica, and his homeland. It even topped BBC's 1Xtra Dancehall chart for about two months. When played in the dance hall the crowd expressed its enthousiasme and instantly sang along the song's opening refrain "Finally the ‘erbs come around". That he's not a one-hit wonder artist was evidenced by his next two singles "Tomorrow’s Another Day" and "Mamacita" with its soca vibes, which also enjoyed chart success.

With only one massive hit on the reggae charts under his belt it's remarkable that a major label deal (with Sony Music in the US) has come so quickly for Collie Buddz. Actually he's the sole reggae act working with the label at the moment. In the past, acts such as Tiger, Tony Rebel, Diana King, Mad Cobra, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Shabba Ranks, Super Cat and Patra were signed to various Sony Music subsidiaries. This self-titled debut album shows why Sony Music signed Collie Buddz on such a short term. It's his cavalier genre-mixing and commercially oriented sensibility (there are heavy overtones of hip-hop, reggaeton, and straight pop throughout) that might appeal (and sell) to a broad audience. Most likely purists will ignore this "white guy" and his music, but with his recent chart successes in mind this won't disturb the record company.

The album kicks off real strong with "Come Around", followed by the awesome "Blind To You", with an equally strong refrain as in the previous track ("I'm blind to you, 'aters!") and performed over a killer riddim, and the matching, aggressive sounding "Defend Your Own", which features US rapper Krayzie Bone. "Tomorrow's Another Day" is a nice effort, while "Mamacita" belongs to a category of tunes that pop up each summer season to entertain those who are enjoying their holidays in a sunny and warm country.

"Wild Out" (aka "Panty") across Jam 2's "Sidewalk University" riddim brings some real dancehall niceness. Both "Lonely" and "What A Feeling" are rather mediocre tracks and can be skipped. Luckily things are getting better with the ballad "Movin' On" and the skanking "Sensimillia" with Roache, whose vocal delivery sounds like the late Garnet Silk, singing the refrain. "Let Me Know" is a solid tune, and here it's Collie Buddz whose style brings to mind Barrington Levy. "My Everything" and, to a less extent, also "Love Deh" don't leave a decent impression.

Overall opinion is that this is an album with some real strong tunes, but also a few weak moments.