Colombia Colly
Jah Lion
Island Records
September 1976

Track list
  1. Wisdom
  2. Dread Ina Jamdong
  3. Hay Fever
  4. Flashing Whip
  5. Colombia Colly
  6. Fat Man
  7. Bad Luck Natty
  8. Black Lion
  9. Little Sally Dater
  10. Satta
  11. Soldier And Police War
Jah Lion is none other than producer Pat Francis a.k.a. Jah Lloyd. Here, he toasts with Lee Perry`s rydims in his earphones and sounds as good as he`s ever done. He works with a sound system in JA from time to time but his recorded material has never been particularly ear catching. Lee Perry`s moody, atmospheric tunes over sombre, contagious rydims are particularly well suited to Lloyd`s slow, deliberate vocal style. "Wisdom," "Dread In A Jamdung," "Hayfever," "Bad Luck Natty," and "Black Lion" are all good numbers with rocking rydims and moody atmospheres conjured up by Scratch`s imaginative engineering. But the title track is the killer. The background vocals provide an hallucinatory atmosphere, the voice of Angels! An LP with some fascinating moments.