Come Into My Life
Adele Harley
Mafia & Fluxy
December 21, 2010

Come Into My Life - Adele Harley Track list
  1. Reason Not To Stay
  2. Only For A Day
  3. Walking On Air feat. Glamma Kid
  4. Love Takes Over
  5. Been So Long
  6. Flying Away
  7. Memory
  8. I Can't Make You Love Me
  9. Live Good
  10. Love Has Faded
  11. Come Into My Life feat. Leroy Mafia
  12. One More Chance
  13. I'll Be Waiting
  14. Love Me Just One More Time
  15. The Way That You Do
  16. Reach Out
  17. No One
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
UK based blonde songstress, songwriter and musician Adele Harley was born and raised in England, studying music from the age of five playing various instruments including violin, flute, piano and guitar. Over the years she has performed in numerous bands including a three year residency at the legendary Leeds club The Underground alongside Corrine Bailey Rae. Her love of reggae music led her to work as a session vocalist for local reggae artists and has seen her perform at both the Leeds and London Carnivals. Besides that she has also recorded quite a few tunes as a solo artist, which can be found on compilation albums like "JA 2 UK", "R&B To Reggae", "Strictly Vocals", "Strictly Lovers Rock", "Strictly One Drop", "Down In Jamaica", and "Massive R&B Hits In Reggae".

Most of the tunes she has recorded so far were the result of her collaboration with the Heywood brothers Mafia & Fluxy. The latter are not only famed for their riddim-building and production skills, but throughout the years they have also proven to be true masters when it comes to reggaefying pop and R&B tunes. This makes them the perfect partners for Adele Harley as she's an artist whose sweet soulful voice fits these kinda tunes very well. The most recent fruit of their working together is a full length album on the Mafia & Fluxy label entitled "Come Into My Life". Besides Mafia & Fluxy the 17 track album also features seasoned musicians like Robbie Lyn, Adrian McKenzie, Stanley Andrews, Ruff Cutt, Ernie Wilks, Dean Fraser, Henry "Buttons" Tenyue, and Winston "Saxton" Rose. Furthermore the multi-talented Adele Harley plays strings and flute on two tracks. Tracks were recorded at Stingray, Treetop, A Class, and Mafia & Fluxy Studio, and engineered by Carl McLeod, Gussie P, and Jr. Edwards.

Adele Hartley has often been compared to such greats as Marcia Griffiths and Janet Kay, and while the very first track, the excellent "Reason Not To Stay", shows a hint of Marcia Griffiths' style in her vocal style, she is anything but derivative. Apart from four tracks, including the very well done reggae renditions of Chante Moore's "Loves Taken Over" and Alicia Keys' "No One", and furthermore Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" and Burning Spear's "Live Good", the songs included here are originals written by Adele Harley and Mafia & Fluxy. Amongst them you'll find notable ones like the wonderful "Only For A Day", the superb "One More Chance", the excellent "I'll Be Waiting", the gorgeous "Love Me Just One More Time", and the smashing "The Way That You Do". Reggae fans will be pleased to hear Adele Harley hold her own across revitalized classic riddims like The Abyssinians' roots anthem "Satta Massagana" ("Flying Away"), Culture's "Down In Jamaica" ("Love Has Faded") and The Sensations' Treasure Isle hit "Everyday Is A Holiday" ("Reach Out")

With this wonderful collection of well produced warm 'n' easy Lovers tunes, Mafia & Fluxy not only have set a new standard for UK Lovers Rock, but also gifted Adele Harley the ideal introduction to a broad (reggae) audience.