Committed To Jah
Tonca & Friends
Bronese N.V. 

Track list
  1. Committed To Jah
  2. My Latin Friend
  3. Save The Environment
  4. Stay In School
  5. The Strangest Dream
  6. Hooray ! Hooray !
  7. You Betrayed Me
  8. Suppression Of Music
  9. How Can You ?
  10. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5
This is the latest album from St. Maarten's Tonca and his musical Friends, and is his best so far, it is the natural progression for someone who has a recording career of at least nearly a decade. Some lovers' tunes, only one cover, and strong original and conscious tracks featured, and all lyrics once again provided in the booklet.
The opening and title track is an example of further progression in the direction already displayed on the earlier albums, horns and backing vocals being tighter than ever, and again an example of Tonca's songwriting abilities. "My Latin Friend" is a ballad again proving Tonca is as much at ease with lovers' tunes as with conscious riddims. Both songs following are clearcut messages over a pleasant backing, leading to the poignant "The Strangest Dream" about oppression and the support of amongst others NATO for some oppressors, over a very strong backing. Then the joyful sounds of "Hooray ! Hooray !" follow, and noone can resist dancing to this tune I think. "You Betrayed Me" is another (lost) love song, and the strongest of these on all 3 Tonca albums reviewed. I do believe Tonca is easily able to grab your attention with this album, so check it out and get the other albums too. It is a compliment to Tonca that the next two originals are both in the same strong style as the previous tracks on the album, and that the closing cover version of "Nobody knows ..." is a good version, but I think less strong than all 9 songs preceding it. This latest release is by far the best Tonca album I heard, and is an album that should be obtained by all lovers of reggae music reading these pages.
Other albums by Tonca that are reviewed on these pages are 1988s "Jah Jah Will Unite Us", and 1995s "For You Only".  Tonca and Bronese Recording Studio can be reached at:  
e-mail: bronese@megatropic.com 
URL http://www.megatropic.com/partners/bronese/index.html