The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part I
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Triple CD

Track list
* indicates previously unreleased outside of Jamaica,
** indicates previously unreleased
*** indicates Extra track.
All tracks original mixes, no added production. For legal reasons "Hammer", "High Tide Or Low Tide", "Soul Shake Down Party", "Caution", "Back Out" & "Do It Twice" could not be included on this special triple edition CD.     Disc 1 : Rock To The Rock 1968
  1. Rock To The Rock **
  2. Rocking Steady ** alternate
  3. How Many Times
  4. Touch Me
  5. Mellow Mood alternate
  6. There She Goes
  7. Soul Rebel original
  8. Put It On alternate
  9. Chances Are alternate
  10. Love **
  11. Bend Down Low alternate
  12. The World Is Changing
  13. Nice Time ** alternate
  14. Treat You Right
  15. What Goes Around Comes Around ** original
  16. What Goes Around Comes Around ** version
    Disc 2 : Selassie Is The Chapel 1968-69-70
  1. Don't Rock My Boat * original, later known as "Satisfy My Soul"
  2. The Lord Will Make A Way *
  3. Chances Are * original
  4. Selassie Is The Chapel *
  5. Tread Oh *
  6. Feel Alright * original
  7. Rhythm *
  8. Rocking Steady * original
  9. Adam and Eve
  10. Wisdom later known as "Stiff Necked Fools" and "Fools Die"
  11. This Train alternate
  12. Thank You Lord alternate
  13. Give Me A Ticket * original, also known as "The Letter"
  14. Trouble On The Road Again *
  15. Black Progress * medley "Black Progress" and "(Say It Loud) I'm Black and I'm Proud "
  16. Black Progress (version) * ***
  17. Tread Oh (version) * ***
    Disc 3 : Best Of The Wailers 1969-70
  1. Sugar Sugar *
  2. Stop The Train
  3. Cheer Up
  4. Soon Come
  5. Soul Captives
  6. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  7. Can't You See alternate
  8. Give Me A Ticket * alternate, also known as "The Letter"
  9. Hold On To This Feeling *
  10. Mr Chatterbox alternate, also known as "Mr. Talkative"
  11. Silver dollar (original version)* original, also known as "The Letter"
  12. Soul Shake Down (version)
  13. Soon Come (version)
  14. Mr. Chatterbox (version)
  15. Hold On To This Feeling (version)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5
This is what we've all been waiting for. Bob Marley provided a lot of songs not easy accessible for anybody not being the most fanatic collector of JA 7"s. But now anybody can hear the treasures he left this world, in the 10 CD series JAD is releasing in association with long time Marley-phile Roger Steffens and Frenchman Bruno Blum.
The first disc starts with the title song, a rock steady ballad that has never been released anywhere before. The second song is the finished remix (with horns) of the 8th song on Disc 2. The next three songs are rather well known Marley outings, as well as the Studio 1 recording of "There She Goes". The version featured of "Soul Rebel" featured here is the original (much more poppy version) of the song that would become a Lee Perry produced favorite of many, as the much more roots-influenced title cut of one of Bob's albums for Lee Perry. "Chances Are" is famous as the title track of  the Danny Sims (the D in JAD) released posthumous album, this is an alternate of the true original song that will be featured on a forthcoming release in the series. "Love" is another unreleased gem sung by Peter Tosh, and covered by Johnny Nash (the J in JAD) on his succesful "Hold Me Tight" album (recorded in Jamaica at the same time with the same team). This first disc shows how much Bob Marley and the Wailers were trying to reach the USA soul/R&B market with a style based on late rocksteady / early reggae with some poppier arrangements, a strong disc.
The second disc is beyond belief. The value of the original vinyls of these songs before the release of this set would be somewhere above 20.000 US$, the most sought after and precious of all Bob Marley recordings "Selassie Is The Chapel" gives it's name to this superb disc. Three JA versions of Bob Marley songs, including the radically different, less poppy version of "Chances Are" pave the way for the adaptation of the country&western song "Crying In The Chapel" of which only 26 copies were pressed.
Most likely it drew the attention of Mortimer Planno, the Rastafari Elder and spiritual guide of Bob Marley who changed the lyrics, in the 1965 hit version by Elvis Presley. Planno pressed only these few copies of which twelve were taken to Ethiopia by Bob's closest friend, JA soccer star Alan 'Skill' Cole. A wonderful song, not only because of the mythical proportions it got because of the low number of copies available, but also because of it's magical beauty as a song, hearing it is believing it.
"Tread Oh" is a wonderful song by Bunny, and is the first known Wailers song to include a remixed dub version side, and is followed by a string of equally strong selections, of which "Adam and Eve", "Wisdom" "This Train" and "Thank You Lord" have been recorded for a Dutch producer named Ted Pouder. The sessions with this producer from Holland took place in November 1969. The Wailers influence of USA music is once again very strong on the forefront with their reworkings of the Box Tops' "The Letter" and James Brown's "(Say It Loud) I'm Black and I'm Proud ". This disc is one of the greatest discs you'll ever encounter if you are a reggae fan, of course in my opinion only "Selassie Is The Chapel" is worth the price of a 3 CD box, but the inclusion of so many more treasures makes this set a must have for everyone.
The third disc starts with the Wailers version of the Archies' "Sugar Sugar" and has never been released outside of Jamaica before (strangely enough, because it is also a Leslie Kong production, as many songs on this 3rd disc, and his catalogue has been plundered by most pirate labels in the world). A lot of the songs therefore are already well known to a much larger audience, but the versions and alternates and gems like the first song make this disc also a very pleasant listening experience.
I just can't wait to lay my hands on the follow up sets to be released, to give a 10 CD view on the more mysterious period of Bob Marley, with all (well nearly all) recordings of this period 1967-1972 covered. For legal reasons some recordings are excluded:
Unfortunately just before pressing the first 3-cd box, Island withdrew permission to use any of the tracks that were included in its now-sold-out million-selling 4-cd Bob Marley box set called "Songs of Freedom." They claim to have a ten year exclusive on them, not to be relinquished until 2002. So what they are doing, since the box set can no longer produce any (legal) revenue for Island (which widely advertised that they would limit production to 1,000,000 numbered sets), is to temporarily (five more years) prevent any royalty payments for use of these songs, payments that would be made to Bob's heirs.  And meantime, the hundreds of bootlegs, which flood major chains like Tower, Virgin Megastores, and others, and which pay absolutely nothing to anyone who created this music in the first place, are left alone, and the thieves who issue them remain unsued.  Where is the logic - or justice - in that? But don't let this bother you, I really would recommend to anyone who loves (roots) reggae music, and has only the budget to buy this CD set and not a single other release in 1998.