Concept Of Life
Beenie Man
Corner Shop/Nocturne-Munich
November 26, 2007

Beenie Man - Concept of Life Track list
  1. Do Something
  2. Concept Of Life feat. U Roy
  3. Love You
  4. Settle Down feat. Gringo
  5. Hot feat. Spice
  6. Sign Me Up
  7. Politrix
  8. One Pound A Day feat. John Holt & Cornell Campbell
  9. Imagination feat. Devonte
  10. Be A Friend feat. Ghost
  11. No Promise
  12. Nah Resign
  13. God Black
  14. From Birth feat. Zahair
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Total votes : 17
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
First released in Japan on the V-Pine label in January 2006, Beenie Man's "Concept Of Life" now gets its official European release on the French 'Corner Shop' label (strikingly lacking four tunes included on the Japanese cd). With this Neil Amos ('Free Willy Records') produced collection of tunes the self-proclaimed "King Of The Dancehall" -- and 3 time Grammy nominee for Reggae album of the year for 3 consecutive years, 1 time Grammy winner for Reggae album of the year 2001: "Art & Life" -- delivers an album that clearly aims at a more reggae dancehall oriented audience instead of trying to serve the international cross-over market, which he did successfully with albums such as "Art & Life" and "Tropical Storm".

The albums kicks off in great style with the hit single "Do Supmmm". The latter is a standout tune masterfully delivered across the rolling "He Speaks" riddim. It is followed by the title track "Concept Of Life", a very entertaining piece done in combination with the deejay originator U Roy and utilizing a revitalized version of The Heptones' "I've Got The Handle" riddim. Also the wicked "Love You" is underpinned by a refurnished classic riddim, namely Big Youth's "Hit The Road Jack". It shows Beenie Man at his best and can be ranked amongst the best tracks included on this album.

On "Settle Down" Beenie Man gets a little help from fellow deejay Gringo. It has a catchy riddim and brings a 'feel good' vibe -- what else can one expect when a riddim is called "Happy Living". Without doubt a dancefoor filler, but that's about it. Also the combination with female dancehall star Spice, entitled "Hot", fails to make a serious impression. "Sign Me Up", delivered across the "Square Dance" riddim, has a strong country music feel. It's a nice effort, showing that Beenie Man can handle almost every kinda riddim with ease.

After these three more or less disappointing tracks it's a return to form with the awesome "Politrix". And the big tunes keep on coming with first the great herb anthem "One Pound Day" over the "Jungle Rock aka No Warrior" riddim, which sees him teaming up with true veterans John Holt and Cornell Campbell, and then "Imagination", which features singer Devonte known from the hit duo Tanto Metro & Devonte. Not of the same quality, but despite that also worth of hearing is the combination with Ghost called "Be A Friend". "No Promise" and "Nah Resign" are decent efforts, but it's "God Black" across the original riddim track of John Holt's "Sweetie Come Brush Me" (played by Roots Radics) that makes a real good impression.

The solid "From Birth" rounds off an album that will surely be appreciated by those who dislike Beenie Man's obvious crossover attempts.