Four Music-Bushhouse Music-Sony
August 30, 2004

Track list
  1. Send A Prayer
  2. Superior
  3. Caan Hold Us Down feat. Barrington Levy & Daddy Rings
  4. Intoxication
  5. New Day
  6. Be Yourself feat. Cocoa Tea
  7. All That You Had
  8. Life Takes More Than That
  9. Rumours
  10. Weary No More feat. Tamika
  11. After A Storm
  12. Unconditional Love
  13. Face Off feat. Anthony B
  14. Strange Things
  15. Blessing Of Jah feat. Ras Shiloh
  16. Church And State
  17. Lion's Den
  18. Mystic Wind feat. Tony Rebel
  19. For The Children
  20. No Time Like Now feat. Jack Radics
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
"Confidence" is the title of the third studio album by Gentleman, after his fine debut "Trodin On", the huge successor "Journey To Jah" and the extremely well received simply "Live" titled 2CD and DVD set. Some of the tunes have already been part for some time now of his current live-set, as for example the Firehouse Crew produced and backed opener "Send A Prayer" that was already played during Gentleman's Dutch Concert and his performance at Germaican Records 5th Anniversary celebrated at the Germaican Link Up!. The first single taken from the album over Pow Pow Movement's excellent 'Superior'-riddim using the Firehouse Crew as well has already rightfully earned a place in his live-set also. The next tune "Caan Hold Us Down" is an excellent example of Gentleman's own talent as a producer for his own Bushhouse Music resulting in a wicked combination with his long-time touring partner Daddy Rings and Barrington Levy over a Far East Band riddim. The tune that follows it might be an even bigger surprise producer-wise: it's absolutely not uncommon for a tune these days recorded in Jamaica to be produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett, that is, if it is a dancehall tune, but that Don Corleon together with his 'partners in crime' Nigel Staff and IRIE FM DJ Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris also is capable of producing and playing some very fine roots is shown here to my surprise, in the beautiful lovers tune "Intoxication" of a certain kind / i will admit that you suit my mind / pulpitation of another kind / don't fast forward baby / just rewind. Gentleman takes over the producer's chair again for another Far East Band backed tune, like "Caan Hold Us Down" recorded by Olsen Involtini, famous for his work with Seeed, at legendary German rock, wave and pop producer Conny Plank's studio, the fast paced singjayed "New Day" over a rather experimental rockish and freaky keyboards featuring latin-dancehall influenced riddim. "Be Yourself" is a beautiful Calibud produced conscious combination with Cocoa Tea, followed by the Digital B production "All That You Had" on which Gentleman visits the 'Rainy Days' theme once more. "Life Takes More Than That" is a very fine Black Scorpio production of a bass heavy rootsy Mafia & Fluxy riddim, and this is followed by one of the already best known tracks of the album, Gentleman's "Rumours" over Ingo 'Pow Pow' Rheinbay's 'Shanty Town (Double 'O' Seven)'-riddim, here featured in a slightly different Far East Band instrumentation. More Pow Pow productions as the album is continued by Gentleman sharing the lead vocals with one of his regular backing vocalists Tamika over a dubby acoustic riddim for "Weary No More". And yet another German producer at the helm, Far East drummer Marco Baresi, who produced alongside Pionear for Germaican Records" the beautiful horn driven 'Valentine'-riddim, on which Gentleman's "After The Storm" was even better than several strong Jamaican artists voiced tunes. The great "Unconditional Love" over another Pow Pow riddim, the great 'Blaze' is another proof of the current high level of reggae production in Germany. Boris 'Taffari' Silvera and Anthony Snior of AL.TA.FA.AN produce the excellent combination "Face Off" always wearing a mask / no time fi love no time fi joy / squeeze your trigger like a toy / ease off - before you come to past with Anthony B, and the fabulous i'd rather be saved by jah jah / yeah yeah yeah / than to have mankind as my savior / dem never cease to amaze me / "Strange Things" they bring to us / and only jah jah can save we / now who else can we trust. "Blessings Of Jah" features the unfortunately not often enough heard Ras Shiloh on a well crafted Bobby Digital produced riddim, before Maurice 'Black Scorpio' Johnson produces the beautiful and very critical lyrically devastation they intensify / "Church And State" they can't satisfy / while the children still a multiply / i see babymothers cry / while the babyfathers die. "Lion's Den" is a Paul Daley and Steven Stanley (who contributed his engineering to several of the other tracks) production featuring Sly & Robbie, which is audible from the first bar you hear the syndrums kick in. Gentleman himself produces one more tune "Mystic Wind" on which Tony Rebel is featured for another fine combination, before another tune that impressed during his liveshows, another Bobby Digital production, the upful "For The Children" brings us to the last tune. That last tune features the only artist who has been a feature on all three studio albums Gentleman released including this excellent one, the easily recognizable Jack Radics, on the Richie Stephens produced Nyahbinghi-tune "No Time Like Now" a tune that closes an excellent album in fine style.