Crisus Time
November 1976

Track list
  1. Roots Man Time
  2. African Tak
  3. Crisus Time
  4. Equality And Justice
  5. Hypocrite Backout
  6. Musical Injection
  7. Don't Touch I Man Locks
  8. Satta
  9. African Herbsman
  10. Love Your Neighbour
  11. Send Us Little Power Oh Jah
  12. Moving On Strong
Now if I Roy knew where he's coming from he would never say that he's the devil's brother in law which occurs at the intro to "Roots Man Time", whose music can be found on Johnny Clarke's song "I Wish It Would Go On Forever" by the way. But I Roy does not. I spoke to him over the carnival days at the Metro and of course he was still proud and boastful even though he is right in much of what he has to say.

Whosoever fight down I Roy is not wise, he is an original out deh. So be careful with the words you speak. But I Roy could really be the Lion out deh if he would see the light. Love Jah and Live! The LP here is not half as bad as you might think on first hearing, Listen again to "Roots Man Time", "African Tak", to the excellent "Equality And Justice", "Hypocrite Backout", "Musical Injection", "Don't Touch I Man Locks" of course, "Satta", and "African Herbsman". His immense sense of humour is right there at the core of everything he says, and the heavy expressions of his lyrics reveal a man of intelligence and a certain amount of learning, An even more serious album, in terms of themes and musical arrangements, than "Truths And Rights".

The music, a Bunny Lee Production, is just right. It's deep and rootsy, there are no frills. The best is pulsating and I Roy swings with it on top form, especially in "Equality And Justice". "...Ain't gonna be no flood to wash away the blood..." he says. It shook me. It really shook me.