Crying To The Nation
VP Records
February 14, 2012

Crying to the Nation - I Octane Track list
  1. Rules Of Life
  2. Help I Please
  3. Vanity Will Come
  4. Nuh Love Inna Dem
  5. Puff It
  6. No More Violence
  7. System A Beat Dem
  8. Zion Awaits
  9. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.
  10. Missing You feat. Assassin aka Agent Sasco
  11. Once More
  12. The Master's Plan
  13. Lose A Friend
  14. All We Need Is Love feat. Tarrus Riley
  15. Space For All Of Us feat. Alborosie
  16. Crying To The Nation
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Thanks to a number of first-rate tunes including big hits such as "Stab Vampire", "Mama You Alone", "My Life", "Nuh Ramp Wid Wi", "Study Yuh Friends", "Puff It", "Lose A Friend" and "Nuh Love Inna Dem", and several critical acclaimed live performances, I-Octane has attracted a lot of attention in the past five years. And now there's his long-awaited and much anticipated debut album "Crying To The Nation", which is certain to fortify the imposing status he has already achieved.

I-Octane, real name Byiome Muir, initially started in the dancehall genre using the moniker Richie Rich. From the time he changed his name to I-Octane he developed a diverse catalogue of songs and worked with many of the genre's top producers. Associations with Donovan Germain's Penthouse, Arrows and Cashflow Productions have refined his range and lyrical content and garnered the aforementioned hits. His breakthrough came in 2007 when "Stab Vampire" became the number one song in Jamaica, followed in 2009 by the Adrian & Steve Locke produced "Lose A Friend" for Truckback Records, arguably his biggest hit and most requested song to date.

"Crying To The Nation", released by VP Records in association with Robert Livingston's Scikron Productions, collects tunes I-Octane recorded for a variety of producers including Paul "Cashflow" Mitchell, Dean Fraser, Sean "Seanizzle" Reid, Sound Ponics of I Grade Records, Christopher Birch, Jordan McClure & David Hayle of Chimney Records, Andre "DJ Frass" Gordon, Shaun "Zj Chrome" Chablal, Linton "TJ" White, Adrian & Steve Locke, and Robert Livingston, Shaggy's former manager. With so many different producers on board I-Octane's debut set could have become an unbalanced collection of tunes, lacking the consistency an artist album needs to maintain the quality throughout. Luckily executive producer Robert Livingston's careful selection of tunes has prevented that from happening.

The album kicks off with pure reggae vibes. "Rules Of Life" is a solid modern roots tune with a blast of the past as it is delivered across a relick of Bob Marley's "Mr. Brown" riddim. The tempo slows down with the spiritual "Help I Please", a real nice tune backed by a computerized riddim with dominant synth strings. Then it's time for "Vanity Will Come", an excellent reggae tune across a full sounding riddim played by real musicians headed by Dean Fraser. The next three tracks are dancehall related efforts with a touch of R&B. "Nuh Love Inna Dem" and "Puff It" are the popular hit tunes, while "No More Violence", a message tune reminiscent of "Lose A Friend", turns out to be a decent effort. The above par tracks "System A Beat Dem" and "Zion Awaits" follow and keep on the conscious side before making way for the more romantic side of the singer.

Expressing matters of the heart starts with his latest single "L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.", followed by the touching "Missing You (Remix)", the first collaboration on this album done with Assassin aka Agent Sasco, and "Once More", which showcases he's also a good crooner. "The Master's Plan" is a beautiful song that perfectly matches the mood of the following track, "Lose A Friend". The solid "All We Need Is Love", featuring Tarrus Riley, and the equally enjoyable "Space For All Of Us", done in combination with Alborosie, are the next collaborations on this album. When the album finally comes to a close with the title track, the wonderful "Crying To The Nation", there's no doubt that I-Octane has delivered a satisfying debut album.