Reggae Music Will Mad Unu!
Captain Sinbad
Maximum Sound
LP (Limited Edition), Digital Download
April 16, 2013

Reggae Music Will Mad Unu ! - Captain Sinbad Track list
  1. Where The Rub A Dub A Live
  2. Rub A Dub Live
  3. Dutty Tuff
  4. Dutty Filta Dub
  5. Do You Rememba Dub
  6. In Concert
  7. Dub In Concert
  8. Music Will Mad Unu
  9. Dub Will Mad Unu
  10. Ganja Chemist
  11. Chemical Dub
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How often does a once dominant DJ hang up the mic for over twenty years and comes back again with a blazing set that will have the listener think it was recorded back in Dancehall's heyday? The man is Captain Sinbad, the album is "Reggae Music Will Mad Unu" and you need to check it!

Captain Sinbad (born Carl Dwyer) was born in Three Mile, in Western Kingston, JA. The son of a soundman, the talented youth was discovered by Sugar Minott when he was mashing it on The Sounds Of Silence Sound System. Sugar renamed him "Captain Sinbad" and voiced him on such gems like "51 Storm". Soon after, Greensleeves released the monster "Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad"; an international hit album from 1982 that is a must in every serious collection. He continued to record for Junjo Lawes and Dillinger before hanging up the mic in the early 90's. He wasn't done though as he had absorbed the many aspects of the industry as a youth. He launched the Youth In Progress/Explosive labels that provided hits for Little John and Anthony Johnson. He hit big in the late 90's when he produced John McClean's ultra classic "If I Gave My Heart To You". The Captain went on to become a major record distributor and earned the respect of the industry; feeling comfortable being behind the scenes. Fast forward to 2012. His longtime bredrin Frenchie (Maximum Sounds) coaxed him back into the studio for Greensleeves' "World Jam" album and a hit with "Jamaica 50". A comeback album was the logical step...

"Reggae Music Will Mad Unu!" takes you back to fresher times. Tony McDermott's classic cover art is a sign of the treasure inside. Recorded mainly at Sonic Sounds, it features musicians who could pull it off. Sly & Robbie, Robbie Lyn, Dalton Brownie, Skully and Mafia & Fluxy. Nuff raspect to the hornsman Dean Fraser. Most of the vocal cuts and dubs were mixed by 'Fatta' Marshall as well as Frenchie and Alborosie, who co mixed 2 of the dubs. Where The Rub A Dub Live is a boomshot! Riding a Sly & Robbie ship, Captain Sinbad hasn't lost any verve. Is this 1982 or 2013? He gives a fresh and witty approach about Jamaica's foundation in Reggae Musik. Intense lyrics that bring fond memories, fe real. Rub A Dub Live is the dub version that sounds like Tubby's excursion. Alborosie has mastered the real method and expertly showcases Sly's classic style and Robbie Lyn's key mastery. Dutty Tuff is ruff! A strong reality tune that has strong Roots Radics stylings. The veteran injects wit and intelligence in every lyric in his rapid fire delivery. Dutty Filta Dub is beyond description. The riddim is intensified and brought to thunderous attention. It's incredible to hear authentic classic riddims; all the way down to the Bingy Bunny style riddim guitar lickings. Do You Rememba Dub is a wicked vocal/dub showdown. It's a wicked Biblical rocker that is given added dimension with Skully's percussive heartbeat. Absolute rewind selecta.

Side Two opens with In Concert. A wide horn section gives way to an infectious and simple modern Dancehall riddim. Captain Sinbad takes full control and spews consciousness that is as flavourful as spicy Ital stew. The mix is expertly dissected and resurrected into an instant classic. The title track features a classic Bunny Lee riddim. What this legend does with it is amazing. He tells a great story of how important Reggae Music is to him and Creation. This song will not be forgotten. The dub excursion takes us back to The Golden Age with class. The echo and reverb chambers are wide open and the foundation is left intact. Ganja Chemist sounds like a track from his debut album. Of the countless ganja anthems, this one is a ten. The spit fire delivery and total confidence is felt top to bottom. Chemical Dub is just what the doctor ordered. The delay and rewind technique is classic.

"Reggae Music Will Mad Unu" is an album for the ages. The Captain is in full control of his ship. He has been on many voyages and this album represents that he realizes that going back to his Roots was the right concept. As a seasoned DJ, producer and distributor; he has seen all the stages of Reggae Music. This album will amaze you even if you are not familiar with the legend of Captain Sinbad. Do not miss on his latest voyage. Go deh!!!!!!!!!!