Cuss Cuss
Mark Ice & Dillgin
Wall Streetz Records
July 14, 2005

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Can't Stop Us - Dillgin & Mark Ice
  3. Praise Jah - Dillgin
  4. Cuss Cuss - Dillgin & Mark Ice
  5. It's Too Late - Dillgin & Mark Ice
  6. Look At Her - Dillgin & Mark Ice
  7. Girls Fun - Dillgin & Mark Ice
  8. Miss You So Much - Mark Ice
  9. Crazy - Dillgin & Mark Ice feat. Spesheletz
  10. Be Wise - Dillgin
  11. Healing Of The Nation (Ganja) - Dillgin & Mark Ice
  12. Girls Fun (Remix) - Dillgin & Mark Ice feat. Spesheletz
  13. Sledgie - Mark Ice
  14. Without You - Dillgin & Mark Ice (feat. Gatlin, Danielle, Lizea, Vonshonn & Brawta)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
After having released a couple of fine 7" singles, Mark Ice and Dillgin have their first full length album out on the market. On this entertaining cd they can be heard with some wicked combination styles, each of them complimenting each other style, but besides that these two artists show that they are also able to deliver a worthy solo effort. Mark Ice is the sweet-voiced singer with a appealing singing style (sometimes very reminiscent of Sanchez), while Dillgin is the deejay who mostly utilizes a kinda old skool style with a rough edge.

After the (acappella sung) meaningful intro the album kicks off with the 2003 released single "Can't Stop Us". Underpinned by the wicked "Death In The Arena/True Love" riddim, this awesome track is doubtless one of the highlights of the album. Dillgin's solo piece "Praise Jah" is delivered over a refurnished version of the "Full Up/Kutchie" riddim and is worth of hearing. It's followed by the 2001 released hit song "Cuss Cuss" by Dillgin & Mark Ice, a catchy tune which easily sticks in your head for a long time. Next drops "It's Too Late", a nice combination tune that deals with matters of the heart.

"Look At Her", an interpretation of Edison Lighthouse's 1970's pop hit "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)", fails to make a serious impression. The same goes more or less for the party tune "Girls Fun", but luckily Mark Ice treats us to another solid effort with his lovers tune "Miss You So Much". "Crazy" is a modest piece, a guaranteed dancefloor filler at any party but that's about it. The slow-paced "Be Wise" is Dillgin's second solo effort on this album and just like "Praise Jah" truly worth of hearing. The revitalized "Full Up/Kutchie" riddim surfaces once again for the noteworthy herb tune entitled "Healing Of The Nation (Ganja)". When it comes to the last three tracks featured on this cd, it's only Mark Ice's "Sledgie" that causes some real excitement.

"Cuss Cuss" features some very enjoyable tunes delivered by two very talented up-and-coming artists.