Da Bomb
Inner Circle
Soundbwoy Entertainment

Track list
  1. Da bomb
  2. Tell me
  3. Speak my language
  4. Book of rules
  5. Not about romance
  6. We a rockers
  7. I like what I see
  8. Reggae music is life
  9. Fear of losing
  10. Party's just begun
  11. I love girls
  12. Summer love
  13. Tell me (Dancehall Mix)
  14. Da bomb (Dancehall Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Inner Circle first emerged in the early '70s comprising brothers Ian and Roger Lewis and three future members of Third World. It wasn't until the brothers Lewis brought in singer Jacob "Killer" Miller that they became a viable commercial proposition. Early albums showed the band fusing dancefloor rhythems and reggae to reasonable success. In 1976 the band released two albums for Capitol Records (Reggae Thing & Ready for the World), rising rapidly up the reggae hierarchy in the process. At one point Miller was more popular in Jamaica than Bob Marley, the band playing the now-legendary Peace Concert in 1978 above him on the bill.
Switching to Island, the album "Everything is Great" gave the band an overdue international hit with its title song, and its disco rhythems made it a huge seller in Europe. The album "New Age Music" consolidated their position.
Disaster struck in 1980 when Jacob Miller was killed in a car crash. The remainder of Inner Circle quit, with the Lewis brothers and Touter Harvey eventually opening a studio in Miama. "One Way" was their 1987 album for RAS, with new singer Carlton Coffey. In 1989 they recorded "Identified" for WEA. They enjoyed chart success with the singles "Bad Boys" and the catchy upbeat single (utilising the "Love I can feel" riddim) "Sweat (A la la la la long") from the "Bad to the Bone" set.
The album "Da Bomb" was first released in 1996 by WEA, but this release (with 2 bonus tracks) is on their own "Soundbwoy Entertainment" imprint. Inner Circle's sound can best be described as an ever swinging, melodic and pleasant crossover style, comprising reggae, rock, soul and pop. The remake of their classic "We a Rockers" is bright, thight and very convincing, just as their uptempo interpretation (complete with a dj rap) of the Heptones' "Book of Rules". The Stevie Wonder original "Tell me"(something good)",(great Dancehall Mix !) is featured twice on this set , and the opening track "Da Bomb" sounds better in the remix.
The album is produced by Ian Lewis, Touter Harvey and Roger Lewis, recorded and mixed at Circle House Studios, Miami, Florida. It's catchy, highly commercial and thoroughly professional, aimed at the crossover market.