The Most High
Daddy Rings
African Glory Records/Rockers Town - Groove Attack
October 26, 2007

Daddy Rings - The Most High Track list
  1. Dispensation
  2. Be Not Dismayed
  3. Hard Road
  4. Rise With Jah
  5. The Future feat. Gentleman
  6. The Most High
  7. African Glory
  8. Sunshine
  9. Want To Be
  10. Anything For Mama
  11. Check Dis
  12. Second To None
  13. Self Reliance feat. Paul Elliot
  14. The Weed Song
  15. Cut Off
  16. Yahe
  17. The Wiff
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
Daddy Rings has become a very famous singjay in Europe (and especially in Germany) over the last decade, as he is German reggae superstar Gentleman's highly appreciated sidekick both on stage and in writing lyrics. Daddy Rings, born Everold Dwyer in 1971 in Manchester, Jamaica made his first musical experiences like many young Jamaicans on local soundsystems (like his uncle's). After a short stint at King Jammy's, who produces 15 tunes with the talented youth, he joins Gussie Clarke's Music Works camp, leading to his debut album "Stand Out", that attracts Greensleeves Records attention and brings him to the Midem in Cannes and throught the recorded combinations for the Greensleeves release of the album "Herb Fi Bun" with Cocoa Tea and "Rumours" with Freddie McGregor worldwide attention leading to a European tour through the Netherlands, England and Germany in 1997. With David Rodigan praising him, John Masouri writing a detailed article for Black Echoes and several successful stints at the mic during Pow Pow sessions in their residence the Petit Prince in Cologne, Germany. This tour and especially staying in Germany and more specifically the Pow Pow session determine a turning point in his career, as the young German singjay sharing the mic with him Gentleman convinces him that reggae in Germany is real, developing into a relationship in which Daddy Rings becomes both Gentleman's touring partner on stage and the (co-)writer of many of his lyrics. Several tunes for and alongside German hip hop (and even dance) producers and hip hop artists are recorded over the years as well as releases of several solo-tunes and his "African Glory (EP)". And now the times has come to follow-up his debut album at full length with this "The Most High" album for Daddy Rings' own African Glory Records (and Rockers Town).

The beautiful album opener "Dispensation" (Of Life) was recorded over Dasvibes Production's 'Gloria'-riddim is followed by two very fine own productions, the upful "Be Not Dismayed" with beautiful harmonies by Earl and Tamara Smith over a bubbling keyboard driven riddim laid by Danny Marshall and the balladish "Hard Road", laid by Gentleman's former percussionist Matthias 'The Dread' Reulecke a.k.a. Fiahs alongside Patrick Anthony and Martin Rohert with again great backing vocals by Earl and Tamara Smith. The two tracks from the this release preceding first single, the Maxi-CD "The Future (EP)" are featured next, with here the original lick of the riddim for the wonderful "Rise With Jah", laid by Danny 'Axeman' Thompson, is included as well as the massive combination "The Future" alongside Gentleman, a great conscious tune over a great riddim laid by the legendary Sly Dunbar drumming alongside Kevon's bass and keyboards, mixed by Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall for his Fat Eyes Productions, before the album's title track "The Most High" over an intriguing riddim by Builders Music's Dia Fearon with the backing by the Daffodils, Althea and Connie contributing to the very soulful vibe of this song of praise.

"African Glory" was the title track of his EP released in between both of his albums and still is a great tribute to women of African descent, with an undeniable old Aswad feel in Axeman's riddim, a feeling that gets even stronger, in fact much stronger on "Sunshine", a song thanking Jah for another day with sunshine, with the riddim by Fiahs, Martin Rohert and Patrick Anthony alongside Axeman giving me that same great feeling that Aswad's beautiful "Hooked On You" from 1987 always does, smashing. Daddy Rings' take on Fiahs by Gee Jam Studio's Gary 'Ben Gee' Groeper produced 'Raw Truth'-riddim is next and his "Want To Be" warning against being drawn into the 'rat race' is one of the best tunes on this album, but so is his excellent "Anything For Mama" produced by Ingo Rheinbay for his Pow Pow Movement across the 'Superior'. The next self production is his statement about his faith in Jah "Check Dis" over a very strong riddim inspired by the great Sly & Robbie production of the Tamlins take on Randy Newman's "Baltimore". The Mikey Bennett production of "Second To None" is unfortunately dominated by a cheapish sounding synthesizer, that irritates just too much to be overheard, but that is made up for you with the great Al.Ta.Fa.An production of the massive combination "Self-Reliance" alongside Paul Elliot over their 'Security'-riddim.

The oldest song to be included on this album is Daddy Rings strong "The Weed Song" over Andy Livingston (with whom he just released the combination "Youth Uprising" not included here) & Herbie Harris' adaptation of the 'Take Five a.k.a. Russians Are Coming'-riddim from 1999, followed by the second Gary 'BenGee' Groeper production for Ababa Janhoy Records, the well delivered apocalyptic warning "Cut Off" and "Yahe", praising the power of King Selassie I over Steven Stanley's heavily underrated 'Green Valley'-riddim. The last tune on this album is another Ingo Rheinbay production for Pow Pow Movement and the very nice ganja tune "The Wiff" over the 'Shanty Town' a.k.a. '007'-riddim is a very fine way to close this convincing follow-up (after more than 10 years) of Daddy Rings debut "Stand Out", as this The Most High" album fulfills a lot (but not all) of the expectations that arose 10 years ago. Certainly worth checking out!