Anthology 'Isrealites' 1963-1999
Desmond Dekker
2 CD
06 - 01 - 2001

Track list

    "Disc 1"

  1. Honour Your Mother And Father
  2. Parents
  3. Labour For Learning
  4. Jeserene
  5. King Of Ska (1964 version)
  6. Get Up Edina
  7. This Woman (1963 version)
  8. Mount Zion
  9. Wise Man
  10. 007 Shanty Town
  11. Rudy Gut Soul
  12. Unity
  13. Mothers Young Girl
  14. Sabotage
  15. Pretty Africa
  16. It Pays
  17. Mother Long Tongue
  18. Young Generation (1967 version)
  19. Beautiful And Dangerous
  20. Fu Manchu
  21. Mother Pepper
  22. Don't Blame Me
  23. Hey Grandma
  24. Music Like Dirt
  25. A It Mek (Original version)

"Disc 2"

  1. Israelites
  2. Nincompoop
  3. It Miek (Hit version)
  4. Too Much Too Soon
  5. Problems
  6. Pickney Gal
  7. Generation
  8. You Can Get It If You Really Want
  9. The Song We Used To Sing
  10. Archie Wah Wah
  11. Hippopotamus
  12. Reggae Recipe
  13. Look What They're Doing To Me
  14. Licking Stick
  15. Live And Learn
  16. Sing A Song
  17. Dance The Night Away
  18. This Woman (1991 version)
  19. Baby Come Back
  20. King OF Ska (1993 version)
  21. Jamaica Ska
  22. Moving On
  23. Young Generation (1998 version)
  24. Happy Birthday Jamaica
  25. Jamaica Farewell
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5
Born Desmond Dacres, Kingston Jamaica, Desmond Dekker started his career in 1962 with cuts for Leslie Kong, the only producer for whom he recorded throughout his early career. He teamed up with The Aces with whom he won the prestigious Jamaican Song Festival in 1968. Their winning song Music Like Dirt is included on this album. Dekker's association with the Aces proved very successful as they kept on scoring a string of number 1 hits. As ska and bluebeat gave way to the less frenetic rocksteady sound Dekker scored his first international smash hit in 1967 with the rude boy song 007 (Shanty Town), which had become an anthem in Jamaica. Further international hit status came with the 1969 released scorcher Israelites, the track that kicks off Disc 2 of this compilation set. Between the years of 1967 and 1975 he was Jamaica's principal musical ambassador abroad. In the second half of the seventies his career declined, but he re-emerged during the UK ska revival in the eighties. In the nineties he released some albums on which he covered some of his own biggest hits. Although Desmond Dekker never regained his earlier prominence he stays a well respected figure, especially in the UK.
The recordings on this anthology span some 36 years and not only includes Desmond Dekker's worldwide hits such as Israelites, It Miek, You Can Get It If You Really Want and Pickney Gal but also classic rocksteady tunes like Young Generation, Rude Boy Train, 007 Shanty Town and the sublime Rudy Got Soul with its mellow sax and almost frail, delicate vocal. Furthermore it features some great early reggae songs Wise Man, Mount Zion and Pretty Africa, the latter being one of the finest repatriation songs ever made.
Most of the tunes found here are well known songs which have stood the test of time easily, so no surprises here, but only full proof quality music of one of Jamaica's most talented singer/songwriters.